Law students will have the rare opportunity to work with the Mississippi Office of State Public Defender to access juvenile county courts, which are otherwise closed to the public. Students will observe juvenile proceedings and collect data regarding access to and quality of representation, and other due process concerns. Students will then analyze this data and may work after the trip to draft a report regarding the state of juvenile defense. The trip will also include a variety of activities exploring Mississippi’s unique history and culture, with a focus on civil rights.


Time Commitment: In addition to the entirety of Spring Break 2019, we anticipate that the trip participants will have monthly trainings/meetings with some social events throughout the school year. Trainings will likely be once a month in the 12:45-2:00 lunch slot. Students will be expected to participate in fundraising (events and online), but there is no required minimum amount that they have to raise.

In addition, students will have the option to continue working on the report summarizing our youth court findings after spring break. We anticipate that work should be completed in the weeks following the end of the Spring semester.

For more information, please contact the student leaders at blast@law.berkeley.edu.