LRAP Eligibility Calculator

The intention of this calculator is to help you determine if you are eligible for LRAP and what level of LRAP funding you may receive. The calculator can help you plan financially and determine whether to submit an LRAP application. However, the results of this calculator are only estimates; LRAP support will be finalized after you submit an LRAP application. To estimate your LRAP eligibility and support, please fill out the fields below and click the “calculate” button. 

If you are a recent graduate and your monthly payment is $0 or your out-of-pocket contribution is higher than your monthly payment, you can apply for LRAP prequalification instead.

*You may have particular circumstances that are not captured by the limited fields included below. For instance, if you work part time, or if you are married and file taxes jointly, this calculator may not accurately predict your LRAP award. Additionally, this calculator applies only to the classes of 2013 and beyond. If you have any questions about your LRAP eligibility, please schedule an LRAP appointment or contact us at