Federal Government Careers

We would recommend starting with the PSLAWNET resources and then reviewing some of the additional guides and websites listed below, which will help you identify information about specific federal agencies.

General Resources

Government career resources at PSJD.org.

NALP Federal Legal Employment Opportunities Guide 
Great resource for researching specific agencies and the type of work attorneys do within these agencies.

Vault Guide to the Top Government and Non-Profit Legal Employers
Use this resource to research specific agencies and the cities in which they have field offices.

Partnership for Public Service

Go Government – How to Find and Apply for Federal Jobs

The Best Places to Work in the Federal Government

Novoresume – Tips for creating a Federal resume


Agency-Specific Resources

Legal Opportunities with the JAG Corps (PDF)
Power Point Presentation from a Spring 2010 presentation featuring judge advocates from the Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard.  For more information on JAG careers, please contact Sara Malan in the CDO.

Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program

For more information on the PMF Program, please contact Sara Malan in the CDO.

Resources to Support PMF Applicants
Produced by GovLoop and the Robertson Foundation for Government

About the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Public Sector Environmental and Energy Career Resources

Ecology Law Quarterly’s Environmental Law Careers Directory (2009-2010) (latest version– assembled and generously made available by the Ecology Law Quarterly, it includes contact information for non-profits, government offices, and firms (defense and prosecution-side) that have environmental programs.  Thanks ELQ!

BERC (Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative) Job Board  


Ready to start researching government internship and post-graduate jobs?

Government Internship and Honors Handbook
This is the resource 1L and 2L students should be using to research summer and academic-year internships with federal, state and local government agencies.  3L students can use this guide to identify which agencies have “honors” programs through which they hire graduating law students (and graduates who are immediately coming out of post-graduate clerkships and public interest fellowships). 

  • The password is “BlueandGold4ever”

Post-Graduate GOV Job Search Resources

1L & 2L GOV Job Search Resource

USA Jobs
USA Jobs is official human resources site for the Federal Government.  If you are looking for post-graduate government jobs, we would recommend signing up for an e-mail alert so that you receive job announcements matching your geographical and practice area interests.  Before going to USA Jobs, you may want to read this page about Attorneys in Federal Service.


Internship & Career Opportunities with the DOJ

U.S. Department of Justice
The U.S. Department of Justice is “the largest law firm in the country” and one of the premier opportunities for law students and young lawyers to gain immediate litigation and trial experience while serving the public.  

Guide to the U.S. DOJ for Students and Experienced Attorneys
Careers at the Department of Justice & the Access to Justice Initiative (featuring Erica Miles from the Civil Division — Office of Immigration Litigation and Dan Olmos (’04) — Senior Counsel for the Access to Justice Initiative) (Fall 2010).

Ready to start exploring internship and post-graduate jobs with the U.S. DOJ?

Volunteer Legal Internships
Every year, the DOJ hires nearly 1,000 1L and 2L unpaid summer interns through its Volunteer Legal Internship Program.  Click on the link above for more information on how to apply for these internships.  This is also the place you will find information about internships with the 93 U.S. Attorneys’ Offices nationwide.

Summer Legal Internship Program
The Summer Legal Internship Program (SLIP) is the DOJ’s paid summer internship program.  In this competitive program, the DOJ typically hires nearly 100 SLIP interns.  Not all of the DOJ “component” offices participate in SLIP.  For more information, please click the link above.  The deadline for this program is usually in early September.

The Attorney General’s (Post-Graduate) Honors Program
The highly competitive Attorney General’s Honors Program is the exclusive mechanism through which the DOJ hires entry-level attorneys.  Only graduating law students and graduates coming immediately out of post-graduate clerkships and fellowships are eligible to apply for this program.  Every year, the DOJ hires over 100 Honors Program attorneys – with nearly all of the positions located in Washington, D.C.  Just as in SLIP, not all of the DOJ “component” offices participate in the Honors Program.  The deadline for this program is usually in early September.

Lateral Opportunities with the DOJ
The DOJ maintains a decentralized system for the hiring of more experienced attorneys.  Unlike in SLIP or the Honors Program, the hiring is done independently by each DOJ component.  And unlike most federal agencies, you will find DOJ job postings through the above link (as opposed to through USA Jobs).

“How Do You Become an Assistant U.S. Attorney?”
Interesting and insightful article from a former AUSA that appeared in a newsletter from the Young Lawyers Division of the ABA.



How to Become an Assistant U.S. Attorney (Spring 2014)
Video Presentation at Berkeley Law from Judge Amul Thapar (ED. KY) (’93) – a former U.S. Attorney and Assistant U.S. Attorney

Working at the Department of Justice (Spring 2013)
Video Presentation at Berkeley Law from Jamila Frone (Office of Attorney Recruitment & Management, U.S. Department of Justice)

FALL 2021 Honors Program Memo (includes applicants survey results, sample essays & alumni contacts). 


Application Materials, Background Checks, Salary Information & Loan Repayment and Assistance Programs (LRAP)

Guide to PI/PS Legal Job Applications
This website includes tips for constructing resumes and other application materials.

PSJD provides information on security clearances for prospective federal job applicants.

Information on Government Salaries & Government Loan Repayment and Assistance Programs