Postgraduate Public Interest Fellowship Resources


There are many useful resources for learning more about post-graduate fellowships, but always be sure to check details and deadline of any given opportunity with the organization itself: 

General Resources

 Video recording of an information session on the basics of post-graduate public interest fellowships. Session handouts: Fellowships Timeline, Organizational Fellowship Examples, Funding Priorities

Includes a searchable Fellowship Deadlines Calendar and several useful guides to Postgraduate Fellowships.

Contains all fellowship announcements received by the CDO.  If you are searching in b-line for opportunities, select “Fellowship Sponsor” or “Fellowship” in the Position Type pull-down menu in the search window.

A CDO publication providing advice about fellowship applications and grant proposals and is available on the CDO website.

  • Don’t forget to check potential sponsor organization websites!


International Fellowship Resources

Includes a number of useful resources, including a International Postgraduate Fellowships Guide

Contains useful listings of fellowship opportunities in human rights and international law

  • The Public Interest Job Search Guide, 18th Edition, Harvard Office of Public Interest Advising (#576 in CDO Library)

Volume II: International – Contains listings and descriptions of Post-Graduate Fellowships

A comprehensive guide produced by Yale’s Career Development Office.


Selected Project-Based Fellowships Links

Resources for select project-based fellowships are below, but there are many more fellowship opportunities.  The above links provide more comprehensive information.  Always be sure to check the details and deadlines of any given opportunity with the organization directly. 

(includes comments & advice from students & alumni who have won fellowships from EJW, Skadden, Tom Steel/Pride Law Fund, BLF, among others).

 Creates partnerships among public interest lawyers, nonprofit organizations, law firm/corporate sponsors and other donors in order to afford underrepresented populations effective access to the justice system.  The online application typically goes live in early July.  Applications are usually due in mid-September.

Established in recognition of the dire need for greater funding for graduating law students who wish to devote their professional lives to providing legal services to the poor (including the working poor), the elderly, the homeless and the disabled, as well as those deprived of their civil or human rights.  Applications are usually due in mid September.

WEBCAST:  Skadden Fellowships Information Session with Skadden Foundation Director Susan Butler Plum (Spring 2012)

To fund innovative policy advocacy projects at the local, state, and national levels that will have a measurable impact on one or more of OSI’s U.S. criminal justice priorities. Projects must identify a clear policy goal and may range from litigation to public education to coalition building to grassroots mobilization to action research. Typically, applications are due in October.

Awards two-year fellowships to entrepreneurs to create new social change organizations. Applications are usually due in early December.

A one-year fellowships for a recent law graduate or new lawyer undertaking public interest projects that serve legally disadvantaged or underrepresented groups. Deadline to apply is usually in January.

Provides funding for a new lawyer to work in the United States on an innovative, public interest law project that serves the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community.  Applications typically due in March or April.

Funds 2 recent law school graduates for a year each to pursue their research and professional interests in an academic or professional career in law & aging.

Awards one-year fellowships to new projects that protect the legal rights or interests of inadequately represented groups.  Application deadline usually in January or February.


Teaching/Clinical Fellowship Resources

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