Clinical Program

Berkeley Law’s clinics—eight in the community, six in the law school—are directed by full-time faculty members who are highly regarded experts in their fields. Classroom seminars provide students with the necessary foundation in relevant law and practice, while hands-on casework for clients builds critical lawyering skills. We choose students for their passion and potential—ensuring that the clinics are staffed by students and faculty who are committed to learning and justice.

Apply to the Clinics

For more information about the Clinical Program, please call 510.643.4800 or email


Death Penalty Clinic

The Death Penalty Clinic offers law students a rich opportunity for hands-on training; seeks justice for individual clients by providing them with the highest quality representation; and exposes and tackles problems endemic to the administration of the death penalty.

East Bay Community Law Center

The East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC) is the community-based component of Berkeley Law’s Clinical Program. EBCLC was founded by Berkeley Law students in 1988 to provide legal services to low-income and underrepresented members of the community near the law school.

Environmental Law Clinic

The Environmental Law Clinic bolsters Berkeley Law’s outstanding environmental law program and clinical program by providing hands-on experience to students representing real-world clients in environmental advocacy matters.  Many Clinic projects involve collaboration with Berkeley Law’s Center for Law, Energy & the Environment and other campus departments.

International Human Rights Law Clinic

The International Human Rights Law Clinic allows students to design and implement creative solutions to advance the global struggle for the protection of human rights.

New Business Community Law Clinic

The New Business Community Law Clinic connects students with business start-ups and low-income entrepreneurs who cannot afford legal consultation, offering students the chance to develop skills in transactional law.

Policy Advocacy Clinic

In the Policy Advocacy Clinic, interdisciplinary teams of law and public policy students pursue innovative, multimodal and systemic strategies on behalf of underrepresented individuals and groups to advance social justice, equity, and inclusion.

Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic

The Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic offers law students the unparalleled opportunity to learn about lawyering, government institutions and the complexities involved in technology-related law, while also providing representation to individuals, nonprofits, and consumer groups that could not otherwise obtain counsel.