Financial Aid – J.D. Concurrent Degree Programs

Students who wish to examine the law in an interdisciplinary context may arrange to pursue a J.D. degree at Berkeley Law School and a master’s degree in certain other schools or departments on the Berkeley campus.

Be sure to review the information and policies regarding concurrent or dual programs here:

Concurrent Enrollment and impacts to Berkeley Law Gift Aid eligibility:


Gift aid intended for the J.D. program for students who pursue the J.D. degree concurrently or combined with another program is limited to less than six semesters of eligibility. In cases where the J.D. and a master’s degree is earned in four instead of five years, gift aid from Berkeley Law is limited to a maximum of five (5) terms. When accepting Berkeley Law Gift Aid, students certify that they understand that they must notify the Berkeley Law Financial Aid Office if they plan to pursue a concurrent or dual degree, and must consult with the Berkeley Law Dean of Students regarding their enrollment plans. 


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