Clinic News

Orange County Still Forcing Families to Pay Costs of Juvenile Detention
Orange County Register, 5/15/20

Op-Ed: Moratorium on Juvenile Court Fees and Fines Can Ease Family Burdens During COVID-19
Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, 5/11/20

Clinics Help Protect California Families from Debt Collection During COVID-19 Crisis
Berkeley Law, 4/21/20

Court Is Closed Due to Coronavirus. But You Still Owe Those Fines and Fees.
The Marshall Project, 4/17/20

Over 100 Advocate Groups Across the U.S. Call for the Suspension of Juvenile Fees and Fines
The Davis Vanguard, 4/7/20

Cutting the Poor a Break
The Progressive, Apr.-May 2020

Press Release: California’s Franchise Tax Board to Halt Debt Collection Immediately
Debt Free Justice California, 3/27/20

Don’t Neglect Nevada’s Incarcerated Youth in Covid-19 Response
ACLU of Nevada, 3/26/20

Request for Immediate Action to Address COVID-19 in Nevada’s Juvenile Detention and Commitment Facilities
ACLU of Nevada, Children’s Advocacy Alliance, PAC & Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, 3/25/20

Nevada Assembly Bill 439 Implementation Packet
Children’s Advocacy Alliance & PAC, 3/11/20

Senators Maria Elena Durazo and Holly Mitchell Introduce SB 1290 to Ensure Debt-Free Justice for All California Youth
Western Center on Law and Poverty, Youth Justice Coalition, 2/24/20

Los Angeles County Eliminates Criminal Fees. Will California follow?
CalMatters, 2/19/20

LA County Supes Vote to Banish Criminal Justice Fines and Fees and Forgive Families’ Old Debts
Witness LA, 2/19/20

California Stopped Charging Parents for Kids’ Incarceration. So Why Are Some Still Stuck Owing Thousands of Dollars?
CalMatters, 2/10/20

Some Counties Illegally Levy Juvenile Legal Fees—Low-Income Families of Color Are Hit Hardest
California Health Report, 1/13/20

Policy Advocacy Clinic Newsletter
Fall 2019  

Minimum Number of Laws in San Francisco Penalizing Homelessness: 24
Statistic credited to PAC Director Jeffrey Selbin

Harper’s Index, 12/19

Podcast: The High Price of Using Fines and Fees in the Criminal Justice System
(Named one of the Best Podcasts of 2019 by the Vera Institute)

Arnold Ventures, 11/6/19

22 Counties Defy California Law on Juvenile Fees
The Crime Report, 11/5/19

Policy Advocacy Clinic’s Report Aims to Ensure Debt-Free Justice in California
Berkeley Law, 11/5/19

Press Release: New Study Finds Youth Fee Repeal Law Led to Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Relief for California Families
Berkeley Law Policy Advocacy Clinic, Western Center on Law & Poverty, 11/4/2019

PAC Director Jeffrey Selbin Discusses Laws Targeting the Homeless
KTVU-FOX 2, 10/15/19

Liberal Cities Have Treated Homelessness Like a Crime for Years
Washington Post, 9/18/19 

Contra Costa County to Stop Collecting Court Fees
Mercury News, 9/18/19

Contra Costa County Considers Waiving Court Fees
Mercury News, 9/13/19

Advocates Call for County Moratorium on Certain Criminal Justice Fees
Richmond Standard, 9/12/19

Shelby County to Stop Billing, Waive Debt for Families of Juvenile Detainees in Memphis
commercial appeal, 8/27/2019

Law-Press Room: Law Students Help End Fees in Nevada for Youth
blackpress USA, 7/20/2019

States Must Abolish Juvenile Fees. They’re Putting Families in Debt
Washington Post, 7/19/2019

Law Students Help End Fees in Nevada for Youth in Delinquency System
UC Berkeley, 7/1/2019

Policy Advocacy Clinic Students Driving Force Behind Nevada Youth Justice Bill
Berkeley Law, 6/28/2019

California’s Affordable Housing Crisis Has Critics Asking: Where’s Kamala?
Vice, 6/26/2019

Presidential Candidates: Pay Attention to Poverty and all of its Drivers
The Appeal, 6/26/2019

Nevada Ends Juvenile Justice Fees
Nevada Independent, 6/25/2019

Berkeley Helps to Push Back Against Excessive California Court Fees and Fines
UC Berkeley, 6/21/2019

California Is Considering Ending Criminal Court Fees and Wiping Out Billions in Debt
Mother Jones, 6/17/2019

Insight: Prison Reform Needs to Start with Fixing Probation, Parole
Bloomberg Law, 6/13/2019

Press Release: Nevada Ends Juvenile Fees, Groups Hail Signing of this Historic and Bipartisan Juvenile Justice Reform Bill
Berkeley Law Policy Advocacy Clinic, Children’s Advocacy Alliance, 6/4/2019

Video: Clinic Students Dagen Downard and Savannah Reid Testify on Juvenile Fees Before the Nevada Senate Committee on Judiciary

Counties Rarely Collect Fees Imposed on Those Formerly Jailed. So Why Keep Charging Them?
Los Angeles Times, 5/16/2019

Young People Who Can’t Pay Court Fees Are Getting Trapped in the Criminal Justice System
BuzzFeed News, 5/6/2019

Video: Clinic Students Dagen Downard and Savannah Reid Testify on Juvenile Fees Before the Nevada Assembly Committee on Judiciary

Contra Costa May Join Growing Movement to Cut Criminal Court Fees that Gouge the Poor
East Bay Times, 4/13/2019

Citations Soar for Homeless on American River Parkway After Ruling Halts Bans on Camping
Sacramento Bee, 4/7/2019

The Far-Reach of the 9th Circuit’s Decision to Stand Firm on Landmark Homeless Case
LAist, 4/3/2019

No Place Left to Go: Business Districts Keep Homeless Populations on the Move
Next City, 2/18/2019

Cities Across US Are Stripping Homeless People of Their Autonomy
Truthout, 2/10/2019

Eastside District a New Template for Homeless, Housed Relations
Street Roots News, 2/6/2019

Audio: Clinical Supervising Attorney Stephanie Campos-Bui Testifies on Fines and Fees Before the California Assembly Public Safety Committee

Nonprofits, Small Property Owners Say They Can’t Afford SoMa Special Tax District
San Francisco Examiner, 2/5/2019

What Is a Special Improvement District, and Will this Cincinnati Neighborhood Get One?
City Beat, 1/30/2019

Trump Signed the First Step Act for Criminal Justice Reform. Here’s the Second Step
Fortune, 12/27/2018

State Counties Must Relieve Youths, Families of Juvenile Fees
Daily Californian, 11/30/2018

The Supreme Court Can Put a Stop to Excessive Fines on Children
Progressive, 11/26/2018

The Juvenile Justice System Is Stacked Against Poor Families
Washington Post, 11/20/2018

Alameda County Eliminates Some Criminal Justice Fees that Saddle Inmates
East Bay Times, 11/20/2018

Alameda County Will Vote to End Assessment of and Discharge $26 Million in Adult Fees
Berkeley Law Policy Advocacy Clinic, East Bay Community Law Center, 11/19/2018

We Can’t Solve Homelessness Until We Understand How We’ve Made It Worse
Washington Post, 10/25/2018

Audio: Clinic Director Jeff Selbin on L.A. County Board of Supervisors’ Vote to Stop Collecting Old Juvenile Detention Fees 
KPCC, 10/11/2018

Counties Are Forgiving Millions in Juvenile Detention Fees Owed by Families — But Not San Diego
San Diego Tribune, 10/10/2018

LA County Writes Off $90 Million in Juvy Fees Debt
Courthouse News Service, 10/10/2018

L.A. County to Stop Collecting Old Juvenile Detention Fees, Erasing Nearly $90 Million of Families’ Debt
Los Angeles Times, 10/9/2018

Press Release: Los Angeles County Discharges Nearly $90 Million in Juvenile Detention Fees. Advocacy Groups Call on All California Counties to Follow Suit and Bring About “Debt-Free Justice” for Youth and Families
Berkeley Law Policy Advocacy Clinic, Western Center on Law & Poverty, Youth Justice Coalition, 10/9/2018

Study Details How Business Districts Target Homeless People, 10/4/2018

The Complex Realities of Private Dollars for Public Spaces
Next City, 10/1/2018

Houselessness Advocacy Group Protests Business Improvement Districts
Vanguard, 9/26/2018

Opinion: The Case Against the Downtown Berkeley Association and Business Improvement Districts
Berkeleyside, 9/25/2018

What Is Your Local Business Improvement District Funding?
Next City, 9/21/2018

Tax-Funded Urban Revitalization Programs in California Push Laws Punishing the Homeless, Study Says
ABA Journal, 9/20/2018

Opinion: End Homeless-Exclusion Districts
San Francisco Chronicle, 9/20/2018

New Study Blames Business Groups for Anti-Homeless Environment
Denverite, 9/20/2018

Business Districts Use Public Money to Attack Homeless People, Study Finds
48 hills, 9/19/2018

San Francisco Businesses Illegally Harass the Homeless, Says Study 
Curbed San Francisco, 9/19/2018

Report Finds Community Benefit Districts Linked to Displacement, Harassment
San Francisco Examiner, 9/19/2018

UC Berkeley Study: Business Improvement Districts Criminalize Homelessness 
East Bay Express, 9/19/2018

Who Has Rights to Public Space in Downtown Denver?
Denver 7 360, 9/18/2018

Clinic Study Details How Business Districts Target Homeless People
Berkeley Law, 9/18/2018

Business Improvement Districts Use Public Funds to Pursue Anti-Homeless Agenda, Advocates Say
San Francisco Public Press, 9/18/2018

Business Improvement Districts Are ‘Anti-Homeless,’ New UC Berkeley Report Says
Los Angeles Times, 9/18/2018

Community Benefit Districts Under Fire From Homeless Advocates
SF Weekly, 9/18/2018

Press Release: UC Berkeley Study Finds that California’s Business Improvement Districts Exclude Homeless People from Public Space with Taxpayer Dollars
Berkeley Law Policy Advocacy Clinic, Western Center on Law & Poverty, 9/18/2018

California Needs to End All Collection on Juvenile Detention Fees
Los Angeles Times, 9/11/2018

New Orleans Juvenile Judges Send Too Many Minors to Jail, Advocates Say, 8/24/2018

New Orleans Becomes First City in South to Axe Court Fees for Delinquent Youths
New Orleans Advocate, 8/19/2018

Orleans Parish Juvenile Court Abolishes Discretionary Fines
Louisiana Weekly, 8/13/2018

Courts in Most States Charge Juveniles to Exist Inside the Justice System. This Movement Wants to Change That
Washington Post, 8/10/2018

Music to Their Ears: Students Spur Juvenile Fees Victory in New Orleans
Berkeley Law, 8/3/2018

Press Release: Orleans Parish Juvenile Court Ends Fees in Delinquency Cases, Becoming the First Jurisdiction in the South to Take Such Action. Groups Call on Other Louisiana Juvenile Courts to Follow Suit
Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children, Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights, Berkeley Law Policy Advocacy Clinic, 7/30/2018

Press Release: Groups Hail San Mateo County for Discharging $12.6 Million in Previously Assessed Juvenile Fees; Call for All California Counties to Bring About “Debt-Free Justice” for Youth and Families
Berkeley Law Policy Advocacy Clinic, Public Counsel, Western Center on Law & Poverty, Youth and Education Law Project, Stanford Law School, 6/19/2018

Video: PAC Students Present Research Findings on Juvenile Fees at the County of San Mateo Board of Supervisors Meeting

Fighting for a Second Chance Following Youth Incarceration, Officials to Consider Write-Off of Outstanding Juvenile Court Fees
Daily Journal, 6/18/2018

Young People Who Can’t Pay Court Fees Are Getting Trapped in the Criminal Justice System
BuzzFeed News, 5/6/19

Take Action: Fight Against Juvenile Fees in Your State
wall-of-us, 5/2018

News You Can Use: Research Roundup for Re-Entry Advocates
Center for American Progress, 4/5/2018

Supervising Attorney Stephanie Campos-Bui on Debt-Free Justice: A Bottom-Up Approach to Ending Juvenile Fees in California
Clearinghouse Community, 4/2018

Clinical Teaching Fellow Ahmed Lavalais’s Blog Post: Monetary Sanctions Don’t Belong in Juvenile Court
Texas Appleseed Blog, 3/27/2018

Berkeley Law Hosts National Convening to Confront Juvenile System Fines, Fees
Berkeley Law, 2/9/2018

Anti-Homeless Laws Crop Up in Santa Ana, in Line with a Statewide Trend
California Health Report, 1/25/2018

Movement Against Juvenile Court Fees Runs Into Resistance
Pew, 1/17/2018

Juvenile Fee Ban in California
KQED, 1/6/2018

A Journey Through a Land of Extreme Poverty: Welcome to America
The Guardian, 12/15/2017

Contra Costa to Refund Juvenile Hall Fees to Parents of Kids Found Not Guilty
KQED, 12/13/2017

Fees Paid by Juvenile Inmates to be Refunded in Contra Costa County
East Bay Times, 12/12/2017

Contra Costa Supervisors Set to Approve Juvenile ‘Cost-of-Care’ Fee Refunds
East Bay Times, 12/11/2017

Yolo’s Juvenile Fees to Be Written Off After SB190
Daily Democrat, 11/27/2017

SB 190 Ends Harmful, Unlawful, Costly Juvenile Justice Fees
Beyond Chron, 10/19/2017

Press Release: California Takes the Lead in Juvenile Justice Reform—Ends the Harmful, Unlawful, and Costly Practice of Charging Fees to Families with Youth in the System
Berkeley Law Policy Advocacy Clinic, Policy Link, and The W. Haywood Burns Institute, 10/11/2017

Gov. Brown Signs Five #EquityAndJustice Bills to Promote Prevention, Rehabilitation, Family Cohesion
Senator Holly J. Mitchell – California, 10/11/2017

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Legislation to Ease Punishment, Criminal Fines for Juvenile Offenders
Los Angeles Times, 10/11/2017

The United States Commission on Civil Rights Releases Its Report: Targeted Fines and Fees Against Low-Income People of Color: Civil Rights and Constitutional Implications
PR Newswire, 9/21/2017

Legislature OKs Criminal Justice Reform Bills
East Bay Express, 9/15/2017

Legislature Sends Bill Ending Unfair Fees on Children to Governor
Senator Holly J. Mitchell – California, 9/6/2017

Calif. Senate, Assembly Consider Over 100 Bills
Capital Public Radio, 9/5/2017

Video: Policy Advocacy Clinic Supervising Attorney Testifies on SB 190 in Front of California Assembly Appropriations Committee

Gouging Families with Kids in Detention Serves No One. California Should Make It Stop
Sacramento Bee, 8/23/2017

Time to End Injustice in Juvenile Justice System
Orange County Register, 8/18/2017

Some Legal Experts Say GPS Rules Too Tough on California Kids
Capital Public Radio, 7/12/2017

Study: GPS Rules Send California Juveniles into Jail Cycle
AP, 7/12/2017

Monitoring Equipment Fees for Children Go Away
Kansas City Star, 7/10/2017

California County Practice Of Charging Juvenile Justice Administrative Fees Undermine Family Stability
Open Minds, 5/30/2017

More Protections for Juvenile Offenders Are Before California Legislators
Youth Today, 5/26/2017

Children in Debt: Sacramento County to Stop Charging Kids for Getting Locked up in Juvenile Hall, 5/18/2017

Video: Policy Advocacy Clinic Student Testifies on Fines and Fees in Front of San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ Government and Audit Oversight Committee

Juvenile-Detention Fees Hurt Kids, Families
Reuters, 5/17/2017

Report: Juvenile-Justice Fees Forcing Some CA Families into Bankruptcy
Public News Service, 5/11/2017

Audio: California’s Juvenile Detention Fees Hurt Families
KPBS, 5/10/2017

Sonoma County Officials Signal Plan to Eliminate Juvenile Jail Fees
Press Democrat, 5/9/2017

Audio: Report Finds Families Locked in Debt by California’s Juvenile Justice Fees
KQED, 5/8/2017

Audio: KCBS Report on Juvenile Fees in California

Jail Fees Pile up for Sonoma County Juvenile Offenders
Press Democrat, 5/6/2017

Press Release: UC Berkeley Policy Advocacy Clinic’s “Making Families Pay” Report Finds California’s Juvenile System Fees Are Harmful, Unlawful, and Costly
Berkeley Law Policy Advocacy Clinic, 5/1/2017

Parents Won’t Have to Foot Bill for Kids’ Stints in Juvenile Hall
Sacramento Bee, 4/26/2017

Clinic Leads National Effort to End Discriminatory Juvenile Justice Fees
Berkeley Law, 4/13/2017

Why Bill Parents for Locking up Their Kids?
Sacramento Bee, 4/13/2017

It’s Self-Defeating to Bill Parents for Their Children’s Jail Time
Sacramento Bee, 3/20/2017

California Bill to End Crippling Administrative Fees for Juveniles in the Justice System
Chronicle of Social Change, 3/15/2017

Law Students of the Year: Ahmed Lavalais, UC Berkeley School of Law
National Jurist, 3/8/2017

Audio: Bill Would Stop Charging Parents for Juvenile Hall Detention
KQED, 3/7/2017

Video: Double Punishment: When Parents Are Forced to Pay for Detention
NBC News, 3/5/2017

Under Fire, Philly Stops Suing Parents of Incarcerated Kids for Child Support
The Inquirer, 3/3/2017

Your Child’s Been Sent to Jail. And Then Comes the Bill.
Washington Post, 3/2/2017

The End of Juvenile Fees in Alameda County, California: Pairing Practice and Policy to Make Change
Youth Transition Funders Group, 2/20/2017

Audio: Policy Advocacy Clinic Student Interview 
KZFR 90.1FM, CHICO’s Without a Roof Radio Program, 1/11/2017

San Francisco city attorney opposes state’s fixed bail schedule
Northern California Record, 12/2/2016

California counties stop charging fees for juvenile incarceration
Marketplace, 11/15/2016

Contra Costa County Parents No Longer Have to Pay Juvenile Detention Fees
KPFA 94.1 FM Berkeley, 11/2016

Contra Costa: Family advocates praise suspension of juveniles’ ‘cost-of-care’ fees
East Bay Times, 10/31/2016

Contra Costa County Halts Fees for Parents of Juvenile Offenders
NBC, 10/26/2016

Contra Costa Co. Suspends Fees On Families With Kids In Juvenile Hall
CBS, 10/26/2016

Many California Counties Charge Parents High Fees While Kids are Locked Up
KQED, 10/24/2016

Counties Move to End Fees on Parents of Jailed Kids
KQED, 10/17/2016

Business Interests Hold Sway on Cities’ Homeless Policies
Wall Street Journal, 10/15/2016

Pomona settles lawsuit over confiscation of homeless people’s property
Los Angles Times, 9/11/2016

The Injustice of Making Kids Pay
New York Times, 9/5/2016

Court Costs Entrap Nonwhite, Poor Juvenile Offenders
New York Times, 8/31/2016

Alameda County First in State to Repeal Juvenile Justice Fees
Oakland Post, 7/24/2016

Policy Advocacy Clinic Remains Committed to Working for an End to Fees Across California
Daily Journal, 7/15/2016

Clinic Achieves Promising Victory in Push to End Juvenile Probation Fees
Berkeley Law, 4/6/2016

Video: Policy Advocacy Clinic students speak at the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee

U.S. Senators Casey and Whitehouse Call on Justice Department to Address Court Fees Charged to Families of Youth Offenders
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse – Rhode Island, 1/19/2016

Giving Spirit Helps Student Gain Access, Training, Mentorship
Berkeley Law, 12/17/2015

Student Commitment Drives Launch of Innovative Policy Advocacy Clinic
Berkeley Law, 8/20/2015

Targeting Laws That Afflict Homeless People in California
Berkeley Law, 2/19/2015