Racial Justice Legal Research Bank Project

The new Racial Justice Legal Research Bank Project focuses on conducting research in Criminal and Constitutional Law topics that focus on protecting and advancing the rights of the Black community in the United States.  Some of the legal research topics the Project will focus on include gathering recent (as of May 2020) Temporary Restraining Orders that have been granted against Municipalities and Cities for violations of First Amendment free speech rights and Fourth Amendment right against excessive force; 2020 Federal Civil Rights litigation; Qualified Immunity research; and local efforts by City Attorneys and Mayors requesting Police Departments to immediately review, update, and/or amend their use of force policies.  

The aim of this Project is to truly grow the legal research bank for the use and benefit of racial justice advocates nationwide for years to come.  

The work of the Racial Justice Legal Research Bank Project focuses on centering the rights and lives of the Black Community.  In this regard, volunteers must continue to separately do any individual work related to conscious/unconscious biases, white privilege, and/or their perspective on systemic racism.