Faculty Support Unit

The Faculty Support Unit (FSU) has as its mission to serve the administrative operations needs generated by the teaching, research, and public service activities of faculty members in residence.

Faculty assistants perform a broad range of administrative responsibilities which include: legal word processing; editing, research; special events coordination; course material compilation and preparation; initiate purchasing, payment, and reimbursement financial transactions; exam administration and proctoring; and training and development.

Contact Us

Faculty Support Unit Mailing Address:
University of California, Berkeley
School of Law, Faculty Support Unit
325 Law Building, Berkeley, CA 94720

Hours of Operation
M-F, 9:00am-5:00pm

For general inquiries, please contact Alexander Burr: ahburr@law.berkeley.edu

Please refer to the directory below for contact information for individual FSU team members. 

Alexander Burr
Faculty Support Unit Manager
325B Law Building

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Our Team

  • Lisa Bazan

    Lisa Bazan

    • Email: lbazan@law.berkeley.edu | Tel: 510-642-5406
    • Supports: Urmila Taylor, Kerry S. Kumabe, Cheryl Dyer Berg, Emily Berry, Linda Tam, Annie Reding, Robin Allan, Lindsay Sturges Saffouri, Patricia Plunkett Hurley, Michelle Cole, Margaret Wu, Sarah M. Laubach

    Lisa Bazan has won numerous baking awards since joining Berkeley Law, which is unsurprising given her aptitude for excellence.

  • Alex

    Alex Burr

    Alex Burr joined Berkeley Law as the Faculty Support Unit (FSU) Manager in 2019 and has worked on campus since 2013. Alex is responsible for directly supervising all FSU full- and part-time staff to ensure high quality of service. He enjoys helping the FSU team to thrive so that each faculty assistant is best positioned to provide excellent support to our faculty and serve the greater community.

  • Jessie

    Jessie Davis

    • Email: jadavis@berkeley.edu | Tel: 510-642-3627
    • Supports: Holly Doremus, Nancy K.D. Lemon, Aaron S. Edlin, Rachel Stern, Sharon Jacobs, David B. Oppenheimer, Jodi Collova

    Jessie is an East Bay native and received her B.S. in Environmental Systems (Ecology, Behavior and Evolution) from UC San Diego in 2020. As an undergrad, she conducted research of both corn genetics and the California poppy, and she worked in the UCSD Teaching + Learning Commons, where she discovered and nurtured her interest in academic affairs. Jessie enjoys getting to collaborate with faculty, staff, and students in her role at Berkeley Law. In her free time, Jessie enjoys taking classes at Berkeley Art Studio, exploring the Bay area with her friends, and spending time with her family dog, Sugar.

  • Aman

    Aman Dosanjh

    • Email: amankd@berkeley.edu | 510-643-9140
    • Supports: Andrea Roth, Kenneth A. Bamberger, Manisha Padi, Sean Farhang, Abbye Atkinson, Ofer Eldar, Jonah Gelbach, Kinch Hoekstra, Meir Dan-Cohen

    Aman Dosanjh graduated from UC Berkeley in 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies and minors in public policy and human rights. As an undergraduate she worked with the Human Rights Center here at Berkeley Law investigating human rights violations. Most recently she worked at an immigration law firm. She is a Bay Area native – she grew up near San Jose and is currently living in San Francisco. She is also in love with the city of Berkeley and very excited to be working at the law school!

  • Taylor Hawkins BA

    • Email: tayhawkins23@berkeley.edu | Telephone: 510-642-9001
    • Supports: Ian Haney Lopez, Molly Van Houweling, Osagie Obasogie, Harry Scheiber, and Marjorie Shultz
    Taylor Hawkins graduated from San Jose State University in 2021 with a B.A. in Political Science and minor in Legal Studies. As an undergraduate, she presented at the International Studies Association 2021 Annual Convention and is a proud member of the National Political Science Honor Society, Pi Sigma Alpha — Epsilon Iota Chapter. In her previous role, she worked as a legal assistant to a sole-practitioner attorney who specializes in Probate, Social Security Disability, and Personal Injury. In her free time, she enjoys having movie marathons and getting creative with her drawing skills. Taylor is a Bay Area native and is very excited to be working at Berkeley Law. 
  • placeholder head square

    Shamarah Helire

    • Supports: Christopher Edley, Khiara Bridges, Sonia Katyal, Asad Rahim, Paul M. Schwartz, Richard M. Buxbaum

    Shamarah Helire earned her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and African American Studies from the University of California, Riverside. Prior to joining the FSU, she worked as a Records Assistant within UC Riverside’s Registrar’s Office. Shamarah is originally from Long Beach, CA and she enjoys traveling, listening to music, and participating in community service events.

  • placeholder head square

    Jenny Jeon

    • Email: jenny1004jeon@berkeley.edu | Telephone: 510-643-3525
    • Supports: Saira Mohamed, Jennifer M. Urban, Kathryn Abrams, Abhay Aneja

    Jenny graduated from UC Berkeley in 2020 with a dual degree in Political Economy and Media Studies and a minor is Global Poverty & Practice. She previously worked as a Program Coordinator at Inequality Media and a paralegal at Legal Services for Children prior to joining the FSU at Berkeley Law. She is originally from sunny San Diego, and during her free time, she enjoys walking her dogs and taking naps.

  • dohee

    Dohee Kim

    • Email: dohee_kim@berkeley.edu | Tel: 510-643-7654
    • Supports: Victoria Plaut, David Lieberman, Mark Gergen, Harry N. Scheiber, Ian F. Haney Lopez, Emily Strauss, Christina Chung, Susan Whitman

    Dohee Kim (she/her/hers) joined the FSU team in December 2021 and is a Berkeley Alumna with a BA in Sociology. Dohee is deeply interested in community building and hopes to collectively address social issues with others throughout her professional career. Prior to joining the FSU, she has worked as the Office Manager and as the Civic Engagement Program Manager for the racial-justice & gender-equity focused non-profit YWCA Berkeley/Oakland. Her passion for housing advocacy and involvement in local politics have led her to serve as a commissioner for the Zoning Adjustments Board in the City of Berkeley. She hopes to apply her experiences in legal and/or policy-related settings to further community interests and meet community-based needs. In her free time, she enjoys playing musical instruments and jamming

  • Ollie Kehoe BA (they/he)

  • Midori Kimata

    • Email: | Tel:
    • Supports: Martin M. Shapiro, David A. Carrillo, Mai Linh Spencer, Prasad Krishnamurthy, Andrew Bradt, Eric Biber, Pamela Samuelson, Robert P. Merges, William A. Fletcher

    Midori Kimata graduated from San Francisco Art Institute with a BA in contemporary art history. In her previous position, she worked at a lawyer referral center for artists, musicians, and inventors. She is an East Bay resident by way of New York and Tokyo. In a matter of time, she expects to be an all-embracing cat lady. 

  • placeholder head square

    Jennifer McBride

    • Email: jrmcbride@berkeley.edu | Tel: 510-643-5005
    • Supports: Amanda Tyler, Melvin A. Eisenberg, Chris Hoofnagle, Robert Bartlett, John E. Coons, Richard W. Perry, Catherine Fisk, Osagie Kingsley Obasogie, Mark G. Yudof, Robert C. Jr. Berring

    Jennifer joined the FSU after spending five years working as a legal process clerk for the Superior Court of California, Yolo County, where she primarily processed and prepared the civil, juvenile delinquency, and juvenile dependency appeals. In 2014, Jennifer received a B.A. in Communication from UC Davis, with an emphasis on organizational and interpersonal communication and a minor in Art Studio. While attending college, she worked for a private attorney which led to her interest in the legal field. In her free time she enjoys reading and traveling.

  • Monique

    Monique Sanchez

    • Email: msanchez@law.berkeley.edu | Tel: 510-643-4653
    • Supports: Frank Partnoy, Leti Volpp, Adam B. Badawi, Kenneth Ayotte, Henry L. Hecht, David Hausman

    During her senior year at UC Berkeley, Monique worked at the East Bay Community Law Center as a Legal Services Receptionist, which affirmed her commitment to work in the legal field.  After graduating in 2018 she moved to Sacramento to work as a legal assistant and case manager.  In August of 2019 she returned to Berkeley and joined the Faculty Support Unit at Berkeley Law.  She enjoys providing support to the faculty and engaging with the Berkeley Law School community.  In her free time Monique enjoys hiking, photography, and reading.

  • placeholder head square

    K8 Schultz, MAT

    • Email: cschultz@law.berkeley.edu | Tel: 510-643-3537
    • Supports: Kristen L. Holmquist, Diana D. DiGennaro, Tejas Narechania, Jonathan Glater, Erika Celina Hernandez, Jesse H. Choper, Sarah Song, Jonathan Gould, Orin Kerr, Robert H. Cole, Eleanor Swift
  • Thomas

    Thomas Tallerico

    • Email: thomastallerico@berkeley.edu | Tel: 510-643-3537
    • Supports: Eric P. Rakowski, David Singh Grewal, Katerina Linos, Stavros Gadinis, Daniel A. Farber, Russell Robinson, Franklin E. Zimring

    As a Cal alumnus, Thomas is thrilled to be back on Berkeley grounds. Thomas received his bachelor’s degree from U.C. Berkeley in 2019, having double-majored in Legal Studies as well as Theater and Performance Studies during his undergraduate years. He was honored to intern for the Death Penalty Clinic at Berkeley Law in the summer of ’19 before shipping off to Brooklyn, NY, where he worked as a paralegal with the Federal Defenders of New York and focused primarily on capital appeals. As proud as he was to support the Federal Death Penalty Resource Counsel Project those past two years, the siren call of the west coast was too great, and Thomas eventually migrated back to the Bay. In his spare time, Thomas enjoys playing games (video and tabletop) and taking his dogs to the park.