Log Your Pro Bono Hours

Important Information for the Class of 2024: The deadline to record your hours and receive Pro Bono Honors or Pro Bono Honors with Highest Distinction is Friday, April 5th, 2024. 

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Definition of “Pro Bono” for purposes of the Pro Bono Pledge

For purposes of the Pro Bono Pledge only, we define pro bono work as:

  1. voluntary;
  2. uncompensated;
  3. law-related work;
  4. performed under the supervision of an attorney; and
  5. to assist low-income persons or others who do not have access to legal services, or to otherwise advance the public interest, public service, or social justice.

Defined Terms:

  1. “Uncompensated” means that the student will not receive academic credit, money, or any other type of compensation. Hours in excess of those required for Clinic or Field Placement credit units will qualify, however, so long as the other criteria are met. Receipt of an Edley Grant for summer public interest work does not constitute “compensation” for pro bono work performed during the academic year; the grant is compensation for the summer work.
  2. “Law-related work” is broadly construed.
  3. “Supervision of an attorney” is defined as followed: A licensed attorney must ensure that students receive appropriate training, guidance, and evaluation, as well as review all student work product before it is provided to clients or presented to the community, whether orally or in writing. While constant, physical presence may not be necessary, the supervisor should be readily accessible to answer questions that may arise in the course of the students’ work. Finally, the supervisor must ensure compliance with all applicable ethics rules and laws.

For a complete explanation, please see the Definition of Pro Bono page.