How To Apply

The Fall 2018 SLPS Application will be available in August 2018.  It will be due September 4, 2018.

Required Liability Waiver

UC Berkeley requires that students sign a liability waiver for all off-campus activity that is not required by a class. This includes SLPS.  All new SLPS participants must sign a waiver and will be requested to do so when they commit to a project. Students who do not sign and submit a waiver will not be able to participate in SLPS.  You will be able to complete and upload your waiver from through the SLPS participant bCourses page.  You can download the waiver form here.

Informational Materials

  • A description of the different projects, estimated time commitments, and contact information is available here.
  • The very helpful SLPS Roadmap–a guide to SLPS organized by categories such as area of law and estimated time commitment–is available here. Many SLPS require a significant time commitment. Please consider this in selecting your extracurricular activities.
  • For information about other pro bono opportunities outside of SLPS and BLAST, please reach out to the Director of the Pro Bono Program, Deborah Schlosberg at or connect to Other Community Pro Bono Opportunities.

Mandatory Orientation 

There will be a mandatory SLPS Training for all Fall 2018 participants on September 20th at 12:50 p.m. Please plan on attending. 

For questions and additional information, please contact Deborah Schlosberg, the Pro Bono Program Director, at