Meet Our Students

Our students are bright, intellectually curious, and remarkably collegial. They come to Berkeley to experience a rich curriculum and a supportive learning environment, and to learn the law under a grading system that encourages them to compete with themselves, rather than against one another. We don’t give traditional letter grades, we don’t calculate GPAs, and we don’t rank students numerically. Miss a class, and by the end of the day, several sets of notes will probably arrive by email. Our students aren’t here to prove things, they’re here to learn things. And they’re great about sharing what they know.

Outside of the classroom, our students are extremely engaged and involved in many activities, from our Student-Initiated Law Service Projects (SLPs) and clinics, to our award-winning advocacy competition teams and student-run journals. In addition, we have more than 50 student organizations— focused on everything from entrepreneurship and privacy law to diversity and faith. Browse our student organizations list for more information. We invite you to read about the work our students are doing, below. 

Student Ambassadors

Our admissions ambassador program is suspended for the summer, but please check back in September 2024 if you’d like to connect with a student. 

Student Spotlights

Berkeley Law’s student body is a community of young professionals whose passions and talents make this an incredibly vibrant place to learn the practice, purpose, and power of law for the public good. Get to know some of them below, and more here.