Need-Based Aid Appeal for Current Berkeley Law Students

The Berkeley Law Need-Based Aid Appeal is available for current students who are experiencing significant financial changes and extenuating circumstances beyond their control from the time of admission to Berkeley Law to the present. The extenuating circumstance must be a new/changed circumstance from the time of admission. The same circumstances from the Supplemental Gift Aid (SGA) application cannot be used for the need-based aid appeal. 

In general, students are only eligible for a one-time, need-based aid adjustment. Our Review Committee will determine your need-based aid eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

Due to limited funding available, please note that if you have already received a full-tuition scholarship, you are not eligible to apply for this appeal.

Full-tuition scholarships not eligible for this appeal can include: 

  • Berkeley Law Opportunity Scholarship
  • Public Interest Scholars
  • Third-party education benefits that cover full tuition and fees such as military education benefits and employee tuition assistance programs.


Need-Based Aid Appeal Process

Please contact the Law Financial Aid Office for additional information or if you have questions.