Political and Election Empowerment Project

PEEP works with nonprofit organizations fighting for voting rights and democracy reform. We focus our efforts on historically marginalized and oppressed populations across the country. PEEP is primarily a research-based SLP, but there are also opportunities to do outreach and community education work. Our two projects this year will focus on strengthening language access for voters, and protecting the voices of historically underrepresented populations during the 2021 redistricting process. All PEEP members will be able to conduct legal and policy research remotely, and there will be additional opportunities to do education and outreach work for those interested. Through these projects, PEEP members will help ensure a future of more equitable elections across the country.   

PEEP will also facilitate our members’ ability to engage in voter protection work during the November election.  Students who are present in the Bay Area will have the opportunity to do so with ALC. PEEP will work with interested members living outside of the Bay Area to identify ways to either work as poll monitors or engage in voter protection work.

Supervision: Students in PEEP will be working under the supervision of attorneys at the Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus.

Time Commitment: A 15-hour commitment per semester.  

For more information, please contact the student leaders at peep@berkeley.edu.