Links to Academic Career Resources


· The Association of American Law Schools or AALS is the clearinghouse for applications to enter law school teaching in the United States.  It runs a faculty recruiting conference each fall (popularly known as the “meat market”) and provides a collection of valuable information on its faculty recruitment page.  This is the best place to start your research into the law teaching business.   It also contains links to all member law school pages, permitting your easy access to the web page for most faculties of your likely interest.

· Gonzaga University’s Institute for Law Teaching and Learning contains a particularly rich collection of materials and links on its subject.

· Jurist, Prof. Bernard Hibbitts’ website hosted by the University of Pittsburgh Law School, provides resources for current and prospective law teachers.  A Canadian service, hosted at the University of Toronto, provides a wide range of information for persons interested in Canadian law teaching.  Macquarie University hosts a similar page concerning Australian law teaching.

· The Legal Scholarship Network – The LSN publishes a broad series of email abstracting journals of working papers and articles accepted for publication. In addition to including abstracts of scholarly papers, we also publish weekly Professional Announcements that include announcements such as important professional meetings, calls for papers and special issues of journals, and Professional Job Listings that carry announcements of open positions in academia and industry.

· The website maintained by Academic Keys has a large number of listings for both teaching and administrative positions.  Click on “View Jobs.”

· University of Miami Law Professor Michael Froomkin has collected email messages from law professors discussing various aspects of the application process.

· University of Texas Law Professor Brian Leiter offers Information and Advice for Persons Interested in Teaching Law.  Although written for University of Texas J.D. students, much of Professor Leiter’s advice applies more generally. 

· University of San Diego Law Professor Lawrence Solum has posted an analysis of Hiring Trends at 18 “Top” American Law Schools on his Legal Theory Blog.  A note of caution: The trends he discussess–including the schools from which successful applicants received their degrees and the utility of an advanced degree in a field other than law–probably differ substantially when one includes all AALS law schools.

· The Legal Writing Institute has a job database for legal writing instructor positions.

· Academic Careers Online includes faculty, teacher, research, post doc, adjunct, library, administrative and senior management positions at (community) colleges, universities, research institutes, and schools around the world.