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Non-class related use of Law School rooms for events

All concerns for Law Classes: contact the Law Registrar. It is prohibited for this office to make any changes to, or reservations for, Law Classes.

The Law School’s facilities, including the classrooms, event and auditorium space, and indoor and outdoor tabling and reception space, are reserved exclusively for use by the Law School. 

  • Only Berkeley Law faculty, departments, centers, and registered Law student organizations in good standing may reserve Berkeley Law facilities.
  • Room reservations are for the Berkeley Law group making the request only. Reservations cannot be made on behalf of non-law student organizations or organizations outside the law school.
  • During the designated Review Sessions/Reading Period, only law school meetings that are exclusively for faculty and/or staff may be scheduled in law school space.  Meetings, events, etc. that include students or other members of the law school community are not permitted.
  • During the Final Examinations Period no events can be scheduled in the Law School,  except those related to the administration of exams.  The only exception to this is that faculty meetings may occur in the Warren Room, so long as they are not disruptive of the administration of exams.
  • Facilities must be used in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws, including ADA regulations, as well as in accordance with University policies and procedures. For details see UCPD Policies page.
  • Due to law class schedule adjustments early each semester event requests cannot be immediately confirmed but are held in the system with an approved status. This holds the space and does not allow another group to reserve “over” your reservation. We cannot issue a final confirmation until the Registrar’s Office releases the rooms; or until three (3) working days before your event, whichever comes first.
  • The law school building is not staffed after 5:00pm and we are unable to support events taking place outside of regular business hours (8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday). Events that are staged by Berkeley Law Centers or departments and are staffed by the employees of a Berkeley Law Center or department will be allowed after this time, with the understanding that employees will be present at the event, stay until the end of the event, and be responsible for clean-up once the event is over. The Law School is not able to accommodate requests for after-hours events that are not staged by a Berkeley Law Center or department; the law school does not have the staff to support this. Student event planners should seek assistance from ASUC to host an after-hours event. For more information regarding event support from ASUC or the campus Dean of Students.
  • The Law School is not able to accommodate requests from student groups to host events for whom the law school community is not the primary audience. We do not have the room capacity, or staffing to support events of this nature, the resources are needed for events that are primarily intended for students, staff, and faculty in the law school. Student groups seeking to host a campus-wide/public event should contact ASUC or the campus Dean of Students.
  • The Law School reserves the right to move events from a requested room or cancel events if they become in conflict with the Law School’s priorities.
  • NOTE: all information on this site is subject to change to ensure compliance with public health and safety protocols, City of Berkeley orders, UCB alcohol policies, food and catering requirements, and space capacity limits.

Event, Catering and Food Policy:   For all Berkeley Law students, staff and faculty

This policy continues in effect as part of our COVID-19 response, and applies to all events held at Berkeley Law.

For questions about event policy contact the Building Oversight Committee.

Event, Catering and Food Policy  (on Berkeley Law website)

Room Request News

Summer 2024

The Berkeley Law room system is now open for room requests during the summer semester.

PLEASE keep in mind that we have a full semester of classes in the summer and resources will be less available as compared to Fall and Spring semesters here at the law school, across campus, and from the campus services we depend upon.



While the project has completed major construction, the new restroom on floor 1 near elevator A has not yet returned to full service. You may want to consider holding events off campus.

Room Tools – essential links

Room Request System Address (Mazévo)

Classroom Resource Tool

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Requesting Rooms and Room Accounts, if you are:

All Berkeley Room System Users →ALL NEW!←  System Upgrade How-To:  A compact guide to all updated and new features
Please see the How-To Use Mazévo, Berkeley Law request system

Berkeley Law Student Body — Study/Conference Room Reservations via the Web
Please see the Student Terms of Use section

Berkeley Law Student Organizations and Journals — Class Room Requests via the Web
Please see the Student Term of Use section and the Room Request Basics for Registered Law Student Organizations and Journals

Berkeley Law Staff, Centers and Faculty — Room Requests via the Web
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Alternative Event Spaces

  • Space is very limited due to the full class schedule at the Law School.
  • In the event you are not be able to confirm a room at the Law School, Berkeley Law Events has compiled a list of other spaces available for rent on and off campus for your consideration.
  • Note: this is informational only and does not endorse any individual facility. If you wish to schedule an event at one of these facilities contact that facility directly for rates and details, Room Planning does not schedule events outside the Law School. 
  •  Alternate Event Spaces


For inquiries into room availability, usage or general questions, send email to

Or if you prefer Mail:

Edwin Bish
School of Law – Mail code 7200
University of California, Berkeley
Room Planning, Room 312
Law Building
Berkeley, CA  94720-7200

phone 510-642-7045
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