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Berkeley Law Department, Centers and Faculty — Room Requests via the Web

Using the room planning website allows you to see the room schedule in real time to help make your event planning easier and more effective. To request an account follow the link below, log in using  CalNet, fill in the fields and click save. You will receive an email when you account is active. OR contact the room planning administrator to request an EMS account for your use.

Berkeley Law room request site (coming soon)


Room Planning will make every effort to approve your request as quickly as possible, but remember that reserving a room is only the first step.

  • Classes always take priority.
  • Classes cannot be moved to accommodate an event. 
  • All room users are expected to return the room(s) to pre-event condition at the conclusion of the event.
  • Make your request well in advance of the event so that any reservation conflicts or other issues may be resolved
  • Facilities (room set up) and Media (AV equipment) both require a minimum of three (3) days advance notice after your request has been confirmed.
  • Requests for rooms on a weekend day must be placed at least two weeks in advance as the weekend room opening must be arranged with other Campus units and the request must be processed by them.
  • Completed Alcohol permits must be filed with Gar a minimum of ten (10) days in advance of your event.
  • Please plan accordingly.

Not cleaning up and/or leaving debris or abandoned material in the room(s) after your event is considered a Room Incident and may cause review of your reservation privileges.

Room Incident Examples:
•No clean up after event
•Misuse of facilities, e.g. taking furniture from another event
•Taking a room without a reservation
•Food in a No Food room

  • NO cooking of any kind is permitted at the law school.
  • A Campus Environmental Health & Safety food permit is required for any event where food will be provided to a broad community, and anytime food is being sold on campus for any purpose.
  • EH&S food handling guidelines and link to the permit application are here:
  • If you are familiar with the guidelines the application is here:
  • Permit applications must be submitted at least 7 calendar days before the event date to ensure adequate time for review and processing. Permits received less than 7 calendar days before the event date may not be reviewed in time.
  • A completed and UCPD approved permit must be on display at all events where alcohol is being served.
  • Alcohol permits are for the designated space only, alcoholic beverages cannot be taken to other parts of the building.
    See Alcohol Permits section for application process.
  • Do not prop open ANY doors that are locked. Weekend and after-hours event participants must use the approved after-hours entrances.
  • Berkeley Law facilities must be used in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws, including ADA regulations, as well as in accordance with University policies and procedures. Please review the U.C.P.D. web document Rules of Conduct In Campus Buildings and building use rules are posted at all building entrances.
  • Furniture must never block exit paths, including hallways, lobbies, doorways, etc.
  • Do not take furniture, including tables and chairs, from one space to use in another. This applies to both indoor and outdoor furniture.
  • NO OPEN FLAME of any kind is permitted for cooking or any other purpose at any event. This applies both indoors and outdoors.
  • A small number of rooms are No Food or Drink rooms due to installed features and/or functions that would be damaged by spills.
  • These rooms are: 175 Booth, 239C, 239D and 239E.
  • These rooms and denoted on the reservation site and in all reservation notices by the text ‘No Food in Room’ following the room number or room name.
  • Tables cannot be set up for food service, registration, or any other purpose, in the ground floor corridor or first floor corridor.
  • This also applies to the corridor outside classrooms 240 and 244.
  • Table set up in the corridor outside rooms 100, 105 and 110 for events taking place in those rooms is allowed.
  • Both Building Svs (room set-up) and Media Svs (AV set-up), should you need them, require a minimum of three working days to fit you into their workload once you have a confirmed reservation.
  • Their email addresses appear at the top of every confirmation.
    Building Svs email
    Media Svs email
  • No signs, banners, posters or decorations may be nailed, tacked or affixed in any way to the interior or woodwork of the rooms or corridors.
  • Way finding sign holders are available from Facilities Services via the email address listed above.
  • Please see the Berkeley Law posting policy.

You should receive a confirmation for your space request in about two working days. There are, however, other factors that could affect your event planning:

  • Alcohol (permitting is a separate process)
  • Room use restrictions (may apply)
  • Your request is made early in the semester before the class room schedules are finalized by the Law Registrar.

Events in classrooms during class hours occurring in the first weeks of the semester receive approved-conditional status and may be moved/changed as the class schedule is being adjusted during this period.

  • Once the Registrar releases the rooms for general use events that received approved-conditional status will be confirmed.
  • Events that occur before the rooms are released will be confirmed on a case by case basis.  

Cancellation of your event without cancelling your room reservation can trigger a review of your reservation privileges.

  • The School of Law reserves the right to cancel your reservation due to misrepresentation of the event, the speakers, or the advertising.
  • We reserve the right to change your reservation if it is deemed necessary by the administration of the School of Law.
  • Each reservation is limited to the use of the room/area confirmed only.
  • If you have reserved an outdoor space and the weather turns inclement, you do not automatically have access to other parts of the building without a reservation.
  • You are responsible for making all other arrangements, such as extra chairs or other furniture (facilities) or AV gear for presentation or teleconferencing (media), and so forth, and the room must be cleared before you leave.
  • Storage space is not available.