Room Request Basics for Registered Law Student Organizations and Law Journals

Steps Overview: Register your organization→ Choose 3 room requesters from your group→ List requesters with room planning→ Requester goes to room request site submits room request→ Submit ticket with Building Services and/or Media Services if needed→ Submit alcohol permit if needed

All event requests for use of rooms and spaces are processed through the office of room planning to avoid conflicts with classes and other law school events.

  • What is considered a law student event? A law student event is a scheduled gathering by a registered law student organization or journal that is held for the benefit of, and supports the mission of that organization or journal as a whole.
  • Classes have first priority; classes are handled by the Law School Registrar as class time must be tracked and reported to the American Bar Association for degree completion.  

Steps for registering a group, reserving rooms, equipping events