Application & Admissions

The 2023-2026 J.S.D. application is open and the deadline to apply is February 1, 2023.

Berkeley Law requires that applicants submit their application online through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) website. The LSAC is an independent, nonprofit organization that manages admissions for the majority of American law schools. 

If you do not have an LSAC account, you may register for one here. The free basic LSAC account allows you to search for law schools, view application requirements and save a list of schools and programs.

There are two basic steps to applying via LSAC:

    1. Submitting your electronic application form (includes CV, personal statement, dissertation proposal summary, writing sample, and application fee), and 
    2. Submitting your supporting documents (transcripts, recommendation letters). 

We recommend that you complete and submit your electronic application form even if your supporting documents are not ready; this enables Berkeley Law to see that you have begun the application process and will create a record for you in our system. Once you have submitted your application form and paid the application fee, you will use LSAC’s LL.M. Credential Assembly Service (CAS) to submit your supporting documents.

LL.M. Credential Assembly Service (LLM CAS)

LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS) consists of two parts: the Document Assembly Service and the International Transcripts Authentication and Evaluation Service.  These simplify the application process by centralizing the submission of application materials. By utilizing the LLM CAS, applicants need only send one set of documents to LSAC, who will assemble and distribute reports to all the participating law schools to which you wish to apply. Your Credential Assembly Service account will be active for five years.

In order to apply to Berkeley Law, you must utilize at least the Document Assembly Service ($85 USD). The International Transcript Authentication and Evaluation Service ($135) is optional but strongly recommended.

We strongly advise applicants to register for the LLM Credential Assembly Service well in advance of the application deadline.  LSAC recommends applicants register at least four to six weeks before their first application deadline.  Although Berkeley Law’s deadline to postmark materials is February 1, it is recommended to have materials sent as early as possible to allow sufficient time for processing.

LLM CAS Document Assembly Service

Berkeley Law requires that all J.S.D. applicants purchase and utilize the Document Assembly Service.  Through the Document Assembly Service ($85 USD), LSAC will collect academic records, letters of recommendation, and English proficiency exam score(s) and distribute them to the law schools of your choice.

LLM CAS International Transcript Authentication & Evaluation Service

The International Transcript Authentication & Evaluation Service ($135USD in addition to the Document Assembly Service fee) is an option for applicants educated outside the US.  This service is highly recommended but not required.  Applicants using this service may arrange for official academic documents to be sent once to LSAC for evaluation, authentication and transmission to the participating law schools of your choice.

Total Application Fees

 Fee Type Cost  Required or Optional?
 Berkeley Law Application Fee  $80.00  Required
 LSAC LLM CAS Document Assembly Fee  $85.00  Required

 LSAC LLM CAS International Transcript Authentication & Evaluation Service

 $135.00  Optional but recommended
 LSAC LLM CAS Report Fee  $30.00  Required

If you experience technical difficulties in using LSAC’s online application service, please call the LSAC Help Desk at 215-968-1315 or e-mail LSAC Help Desk hours are listed here.  If you cannot apply online due to extenuating circumstances such as lack of Internet, you may request a paper application form from the Advanced Degree Programs Office.

Please note that LSAC will not forward any supporting documents to Berkeley Law until all of your transcripts are received, as well as authenticated and evaluated if you purchased the International Authentication & Evaluation Service.

Further details about these services may be found on LSAC’s website.

All questions regarding the J.S.D. program or the application process should be directed to the Advanced Degree Programs Office.

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