This BLAST trip that takes a multidisciplinary approach to community work in the uniquely diverse Hawaiian Islands. Primarily, we will provide legal services ranging from housing clinics, indigenous land rights, and address community needs prompted by COVID-19. We will be working under the supervision of Legal Aid Society of Hawai’i and Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation. We emphasize cultural competency and human-centered lawyering through direct client services and collaboration with a wide variety of nonprofit groups. You will receive training in one-on-one client intake, efficient document drafting, and multidisciplinary problem solving. We look forward to working with you!


Time Commitment: The estimated time commitment over two semesters is about 60 hours: 6 hours for meetings, 8 hours for readings, 40 hours for the trip itself, and about 6 hours of miscellaneous trainings and activities.

We will have two monthly meetings per semester covering trip logistics, facilitated discussions, and guest speakers. Between meetings, there will be assigned reading and various tasks designed to familiarize participants with the history, current events, and legal issues prevalent in Hawaiian communities. Each assignment should last no more than 2 hours. Additionally, students should be available to travel to Hawaii on the weekends prior and subsequent to Spring Break if travel is possible. If not, we will engage in the work remotely over the Monday through Friday of Spring Break. 

In the spring semester, we will complete any training materials that our partner organizations assign. 

For more information, please contact the student leaders at blasttohawaii@berkeley.edu.