Environmental Conservation Outreach

ECO is a research-based SLP. We will be continuing work on two projects that were started by the participants last year.

The first involves the use of treated oil/gas production wastewater as irrigation for farmland. Students will research applicable state and federal laws and regulations as they relate to permitted water quality requirements. The goal of this research is to determine the legal framework for the California Water Quality Control Board to set the water quality standards for treated oil/gas wastewater. In addition to legal research, students may engage in fact-finding, via public records and information requests. Students will develop skills in legal research, data collection, and statutory interpretation.

The second is a survey of county ordinances related to oak woodland protection. Students will research local zoning laws for each county in California and compare protections for oak woodlands throughout the state. This research will help define campaigns to improve local protections for oak woodlands. This project will provide students the opportunity to learn, through research, about local-level environmental protections, including zoning and other land-use ordinances.

Time Commitment: We expect students to commit to about 10-15 hours of work per month, including meeting once every two weeks. Workload may fluctuate from week to week, but we will do our best to avoid conflicts with LRW/WOA deadlines. We prefer that students commit to the entire year, since our projects are generally long-term. However, we will consider applicants who can only commit to one semester.

For more information, please contact the student leaders at EcoSLPSBerkeley@gmail.com.

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