Environmental Conservation Outreach

Environmental Conservation Outreach (ECO) is a research-based student pro bono project. We will be researching one of two potential projects.

The first involves the use of crude oil wastewater as irrigation for farmland. Students will research applicable federal and state laws, the limits on reuse of water, and the standards for wastewater treatment. In addition to legal research, students may engage in fact-finding, via public records and information requests.

The second involves the legalization of marijuana. Legalization of marijuana in California may lead to substantial conversion of natural habitat for agricultural purposes. Much of that conversion may not be regulated under state or local law, leaving habitats like native oak woodlands vulnerable. Similar issues have and continue to arise in conversion of oak woodlands to vineyards. Students will research local zoning ordinances and laws regulating habitat conversion to identify where protection is inadequate and suggest amendments to improve protection.

Time Commitment: We expect students to commit to about five hours of work per week, including group meetings every two weeks. The workload may fluctuate from week to week, but we will do our best to avoid conflicts with first-year Legal Research & Writing and Written & Oral Advocacy course deadlines. We prefer that students commit to the entire 2016-2017 academic year, but will work with students who wish to participate for only one semester.

For more information, please contact the student leaders at EcoSLPSBerkeley@gmail.com.

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