Entering Student Registration & Financial Aid Information

The information on this page applies to the 2021-22 academic year and is intended for entering 1st year and transfer J.D. students. It is important that you read and understand at least the starred (*) items in order for your registration to proceed smoothly.

CalCentral allows you to take care of key university business all in one place. Use this portal to

  • View and Accept Financial Aid
  • View Registration, Enrollment
  • Pay Your Tuition and Fees
  • Sign Up for the Tuition and Fee Payment Plan
  • Get Funds Fast – Sign Up for Direct Deposit
  • Identify Tasks and Holds

Visit the “How to Apply” section of the Berkeley Law Financial Aid Website for information about applying for university gift aid (grants, scholarships, fellowships), outside (private) scholarships, and student loans.

See the Berkeley Registrar’s page for information on becoming a registered student. Make sure you have completed the Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) through CalCentral by the deadline so that you are assessed the correct fees. If you are using financial aid to cover all or a portion of your fees, make sure you’ve completed the financial aid requirements for entering students.

If you have completed all of the financial aid requirements for entering students on time, your financial aid for that semester should be applied directly to your fees bill by the fees deadline. Any remaining financial aid will be directed to you in the form of a refund (see below).

Note to Visiting Students: If you intend to use financial aid, it must be administered by your home law school. Please request that your home law school financial aid office contact the Berkeley Law Financial Aid Office to make arrangements.

Students are billed and expected to cover tuition and fees on a semester basis. Berkeley Law’s estimated Fees and Cost of Attendance can be found on the Fees and Cost of Attendance page. Actual tuition and fees for the upcoming academic year will be published when available, typically in early July. U.C. Berkeley campus fee information can be found on the Registration Fees page, and registration and billing due dates can be found on the Berkeley Registrar’s page.

All eligible registered students are automatically enrolled in the Berkeley Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) and charged a health insurance fee. Please see below for more information on the SHIP, including options for waiving this fee.

Until the Residency Office determines that you are a California resident for tuition purposes, the University will charge and expect you to pay non-resident tuition.  You should submit your Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) online based on the instructions given to you by the Admissions Office. (See “Residency Status” for more information)

If you have met all of the financial aid requirements, the fall portion of your financial aid awards will be applied directly to your fees bill. Once your fees and other outstanding charges are paid, the balance of any remaining fall semester funds will be disbursed directly to you. The earliest that refunds will be available is the first day of instruction; please plan accordingly.

The campus requires students to set up Direct Deposit  for refunds to be deposited directly into a personal checking or savings bank account. If you have not already done so, you should sign up for Direct Deposit immediately. If you do not authorize Direct Deposit, you will need to pick up your refund check at the main campus. We strongly encourage students to set up Direct Deposit to avoid waiting in long lines.

Until the Office of the Registrar determines that you are a California resident for tuition purposes, the University will charge and expect you to pay non-resident tuition.  You should submit your Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) online through CalCentral. Questions about eligibility for California residency should be directed to the Office of the Registrar. The Office of the Registrar can be contacted by phone, or by submitting an inquiry through Cal Student Central.

If you are a private educational loan borrower, your loan funds will be applied to your fees bills once funds are received from the lender.  Typically, the lender will send two electronic payments during the academic year — one for the fall and one for the spring semester.  As with other educational loans, once your fees bill is paid in full, the remaining funds will be released to you as a refund.  We estimate that you will need to complete the private educational loan process by July 15 to receive these funds as part of your financial aid refund in late August.

Please notify Berkeley Law’s financial aid office if you intend to borrow a private educational loan for the upcoming academic year to ensure that the loan is certified in a timely manner.

You may request a SHIP waiver if you have other comparable coverage. The deadline to submit the waiver is usually in July preceding each academic year.  Actual deadlines can be found here: https://uhs.berkeley.edu/insurance/waiving-ship. SHIP waivers must be requested each year. Visit the SHIP website and review the SHIP Waiver FAQs for more information.

The total amount of financial aid you are offered cannot exceed your Cost of Attendance, also known as a student budget. As an entering student, you may want to have your student budget increased to account for items that are not automatically included in your Cost of Attendance, such as relocation or computer purchase expenses. In turn, this could increase your student loan eligibility. Please visit the Cost of Attendance Adjustments webpage for more information.

After completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid for federal student loans, you may be asked to submit verification documents to confirm your eligibility for federal student aid. It is in your best interest to submit requested information as soon as possible. View any requested information through CalCentral and contact us if you have any questions.

Typically, your federal loan service should receive your fall semester enrollment information in a timely manner through Berkeley’s use of the National Student Loan Clearinghouse.  This is done automatically for entering students. Download and complete an in-school deferment form and contact the Berkeley Law Financial Aid Office if you are in repayment and need to send a deferment form to your lender.

In order to help you learn how to manage your finances while attending Berkeley Law and afterward, we suggest you consult the financial-literacy page.

Berkeley Law maintains a strong commitment to public service-oriented graduates, and it is our goal to preserve career choice by removing the student debt barrier. Visit Berkeley Law’s LRAP page for information about eligibility and procedures. If you intend to pursue a career in public interest after graduation, we strongly encourage you to meet with an LRAP advisor prior to or during your first year at Berkeley Law. Meeting with an LRAP advisor is a requirement for participation in the LRAP program after graduation. Schedule a virtual appointment here.

Be sure to check CalCentral for deadlines, tasks, and holds. The Berkeley Law Financial Aid Office will occasionally e-mail you important announcements and events, so it’s also important to check your e-mail.

If you have financial aid questions or need assistance, please contact us at financial-aid-law@berkeley.edu, (510) 642-1563 or schedule a virtual appointment.

If you have specific questions regarding the Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP), please email us at lrap-law@berkeley.edu or schedule a virtual appointment here.

Our office is located at 226 Law Building, University of California, Berkeley, California 94720-7220.