History & Impact

The History and Impact of the Domestic Violence Law Practicum

The DV Field Placement (which was originally called the DV Clinic) was started by Nancy Lemon in the spring of 1990. This unique law school program was nourished by Nancy until her retirement in 2022. It is now run by Mallika Kaur who attributes the program’s established successes in creating generations of lawyers who understand DV (that is relevant to many legal practice areas) to Nancy Lemon’s tireless but thoughtful energy. Nancy infused this program with relentless enthusiasm for building up law students, tightening connections in the anti-DV movement, and creating meaningful learning and growth opportunities for all involved. The field placement program carries forth the same ethos, and is committed to expanding placements to even more diverse agencies that are increasingly important players in the ever-dynamic DV law landscape.

Over the years, DV Field Placement students have co-authored influential amicus briefs:

The placements continue to provide students with the unique opportunity to make meaningful contributions in the dynamic space of DV Law every year. 

“[Y]ears after graduating from law school, I’m still actively involved in the movement to support incarcerated survivors of domestic violence.  The Domestic Violence Practicum played a major formative role in steering me into this line of social justice work.  My experiences during the Practicum changed my life, and I hope it will continue to change the lives of countless other students for years to come.”

 – Olivia Wang (Berkeley Law 2001)