Berkeley Law and Organizing Collective

Those who participate in BLOC will be participating in trainings to organize workers in the law school (this involves know-your-rights trainings) along with supporting the campus and statewide union with legal questions and support. This includes working with organizers to build a legal field strategy, developing grievance/legal trainings, doing legal support work for members, managing campus-wide and statewide grievances, doing legal research for questions that come up as UAW2865 members have questions about legal changes and request legal support, doing background research for grievances and Unfair Labor Practices for Academic Student Employees in the UAW2865 bargaining unit, helping to support workplace grievances that workers on campus have, and developing a list of lawyers for UAW2865 members to turn to for free/cost-efficient legal advice.

Supervision: Students engaged in BLOC’s efforts receive supervision from Sameera Mangena, union attorney and Berkeley Law alumna, Class of 2017.

Time commitment: 1-2 hours/week; 4-6 hour training and orientation early in the semester 

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