Student Activities

Our law and technology program provides administrative and financial support to eight student groups. These groups concentrate on specific legal skills or areas of the law, allowing students to supplement their classroom education. Berkeley also offers a Moot Court program for its Intellectual Property Law, Technology Law, and Entertainment Law competitions.


BERC@Boalt is the law school branch of the Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative, a student-led organization that aims to connect and educate the UC Berkeley energy and resources community. BERC@Boalt helps to inform law students about current legal practice and advances in the fields of energy, climate and clean technologies. It does this through the development of curriculum, the continuing expansion of an alumni and professional network, the promotion of events and discussions centered on green issues, and the creation of a Career Guide for Energy, Climate and CleanTech Law.

Berkeley Technology Law Journal

The Berkeley Technology Law Journal (BTLJ) is a student- run publication that covers emerging issues in the areasof intellectual property, privacy and cyberlaw. Since 1986, BTLJ has kept judges, policymakers, practitioners, and
the academic community abreast of the dynamic field of technology law. The Journal’s membership of approximately 150 students publishes three issues of scholarly work each year, plus the Annual Review of Law and Technology. The Annual Review is a distinctive issue of the Journal published in collaboration with BCLT and is comprised entirely of student-written pieces discussing the most important recent developments in this sector.

Each year, BTLJ co-hosts the Annual BCLT/BTLJ Symposium. For each conference, BTLJ publishes a symposium issue, featuring articles by presenters at the conference. These symposia often pioneer new areas of research by introducing significant topics that have yet to enter the public discourse.

Berkeley Information Privacy Law Association

The Berkeley Information Privacy Law Association (BIPLA) serves as a forum for students, faculty and others interested in the various facets of information privacy law. The association organizes meetings, events, talks, and seminars. It aims to develop a strong network of people committed to overcoming privacy challenges posed by the digital world. is Berkeley Law’s public interest and technology group. It meets regularly to network, share resources and ideas, build community, and discuss trends in law and technology. It works with the Boalt community and with other campus initiatives to foster collaboration and improve legal innovation, design, and technology.

Consumer Advocacy and Protection Society

The Consumer Advocacy and Protection Society (CAPS) is dedicated to promoting consumer protection law at Berkeley. Its mission is to connect students interested in consumer protection issues, organize and host consumer- related events, network with the greater consumer law community, and promote the availability of courses and clinical opportunities related to consumer protection law. Its listserv delivers information about consumer protection jobs and major developments in consumer law.

Healthcare and Biotech Law Society

Members of the Healthcare and Biotech Law Society examine and analyze the intersection between law, society, policy, and science. Their mission is to explore emerging health/biotech issues and to stimulate the intellectual and professional development of Boalt students interested in these subjects. They do this by organizing networking events with practitioners, promoting health and biotech courses at the law school, and increasing interaction between the law school and other healthcare and biotech- related institutions at UC Berkeley and beyond.

Patent Law Society

The Patent Law Society (PLS) provides a forum for students interested in practicing patent law to discuss and debate the latest developments in this specialty and to interact, network and exchange ideas with others interested in the field. The group invites patent law practitioners to the school to share their experiences with students.

Sports and Entertainment Law Society

The mission of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society (SELS) is to educate the Berkeley Law community about legal opportunities and issues in the entertainment and sports industries. SELS creates opportunities for students to network with each other and with legal professionals in these industries. During the academic year, SELS sponsors guest lectures and social events.