How-To Guides & Tips


Time Management

Time Management Tips: tips for how best to use and organize your time

Weekly Schedule: a template to create a weekly schedule. Creating a schedule can be a highly effective tool in managing the law school workload


Remote Learning

Online Learning and Working from Home


Reading and Briefing Cases

Orin Kerr, How to Read a Legal Opinion: A Guide for New Law Students

Sample case briefs: Contracts, Criminal Law, Property, Torts


Note Taking

Useful Abbreviations: A list of useful abbreviations for lectures



A Quick Guide to Rule Synthesis: the basics of how to discern the rules from cases in order to construct a legal doctrine

An Introduction to Outlining

Outlining for Open-Book Exams

Outlining for Closed-Book Exams


Legal Analysis: IRAC

A Quick Guide to IRAC: the basics of IRAC, which is a structure for legal analysis that includes issue, rule, application, conclusion


Exam Taking

A Quick Guide to Issue-Spotter Exams

A Quick Guide to Multiple-Choice Questions (coming soon!)

A Quick Guide to Policy Questions (coming soon!)


Post-Exam Debrief

How to Learn from Past Exams: tips on how to learn from past exams to improve your performance going forward

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