How-To Guides & Tips


Time Management

Time Management Tips: tips for how best to use and organize your time

Fall 2020 Time Management Workshop Slides

Weekly Schedule: a template to create a weekly schedule. Creating a schedule can be a highly effective tool in managing the law school workload


Remote Learning

Online Learning and Working from Home

Fall 2020 Online Learning Workshop Slides


Reading and Briefing Cases

Orin Kerr, How to Read a Legal Opinion: A Guide for New Law Students

Sample case briefs: Contracts, Criminal Law, Property, Torts


Note Taking

Useful Abbreviations: A list of useful abbreviations for lectures



A Quick Guide to Rule Synthesis: the basics of how to discern the rules from cases in order to construct a legal doctrine

An Introduction to Outlining

Outlining for Open-Book Exams

Outlining for Closed-Book Exams


Legal Analysis: IRAC

A Quick Guide to IRAC: the basics of IRAC, which is a structure for legal analysis that includes issue, rule, application, conclusion


Exam Taking

A Quick Guide to Issue-Spotter Exams

A Quick Guide to Multiple-Choice Questions (coming soon!)

A Quick Guide to Policy Questions (coming soon!)

Fall 2020 Exam Workshop Slides


Post-Exam Debrief

How to Learn from Past Exams: tips on how to learn from past exams to improve your performance going forward

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