Student Parents at Berkeley Law


Campus Resources

Berkeley Law Student Services
Each year Berkeley Law welcomes new and expectant parents to its campus. The Student Services team at the law school helps students manage the varying responsibilities of academic life and parenthood. We encourage students to use our office as a source of support at Berkeley Law and hope the information provided here is a useful starting point. For more resources and information visit our website:

Boalt Hall Parents Network
The mission of the Boalt Parent Network is to provide information, advocacy, and support for parents and caregivers at Berkeley Law. Many students with children belong to the Boalt Hall Parents Network. The group is open to all parents, caregivers, and any students interested in starting a family while pursuing a fulfilling legal career.

The Student Parent Center
The Student Parent Center is a centralized multi-purpose campus resource, where students can seek informed advice, develop leadership skills, engage in informal study groups, nurse babies, change diapers, celebrate achievements, recover from setback, and form lasting friendships. More information is available at 

Disabled Students’ Program
The campus Disabled Students’ Program (DSP) supports students with disabilities, including pregnancy-related disabilities, in achieving academic success at UC Berkeley. Their staff includes disability specialists, professional development counselors, and accessibility experts that work with students with disabilities throughout their educational career.
For information about services, check the DSP website:


Campus and School Policies

Graduate Student Parent Grants
Registered graduate student parents who live with dependent children and demonstrate financial need are eligible for a grant that may be applied toward housing/living expenses, dependent health insurance, child care, and/or tuition.
Access the application at

Berkeley Graduate Division: Student Parent Policy
The University is committed to supporting policies, programs, and services to help graduate student parents meet their family care obligations while they pursue their academic goals. Full text of the policy (including eligibility, enrollment, and accommodations) is available on the Graduate Division website:

Berkeley Law: Voluntary Withdrawal and Readmission Policy 

Students attending Berkeley Law are eligible to voluntarily withdraw from the School.


Title IX Information

The Pregnant Scholar
Title IX’s implications for athletics and sexual assault are widely known, but its maternity leave mandates and prohibition of pregnancy discrimination have largely been overlooked. As universities move towards full compliance and resolve gaps in their policies, students, educators, and administrators need to know their rights and obligations under the law. The Pregnant Scholar site provides resources for students, postdocs, faculty, administrators, and others. For more information visit:

Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (including Title IX Compliance)
OPHD is responsible for ensuring the University of California provides an environment for faculty, staff, and students that is free from discrimination and harassment on the basis of categories including pregnancy (which includes pregnancy, childbirth, and medical conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth), race, color national origin, gender, age, and sexual orientation/identity. OPHD has the specific responsibility for providing prompt and effective responses to all complaints of sex discrimination or harassment for faculty, staff, and students. Contact information, policies, and procedures are all listed at