Students in UC Berkeley’s Human Rights Investigations Lab learn how to verify videos of potential war crimes.


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Stover co-produces PBS’s Dead Reckoning to air nationwide on March 28

The Human Rights Center’s Faculty Director Eric Stover has co-produced with producer and editor Jonathan Silvers a new three-hour PBS series, Dead Reckoning: War, Crime, and Justice from WWII to the War on Terror, which follows war crimes investigators and prosecutors as they pursue some of the world’s most notorious war criminals—notably Adolf Eichmann, Saddam Hussein, Radovan Karadzic, Charles Taylor, and Efraín Ríos Montt. The documentary airs nationwide on PBS stations (check your local listings) on March 28. Visit for more information. 

PBS NewsHour features Human Rights Investigations Lab

“A new generation of human rights investigators turns to high-tech methods” 

The PBS NewsHour aired a story on February 13 about our Human Rights Investigations Lab and our work with Amnesty International’s Digital Verification Corps (and students at the University of Essex and University of Pretoria).

Watch the story here! 

Gunfight: UCLA Law Prof Adam Winkler on the history of gun laws what to expect in Trump’s America

image-1UCLA Law Professor Adam Winkler discussed his acclaimed book Gunfight, which probes four centuries of America’s fixation on the right to bear arms. Winkler argues that guns―not abortion rights, race, or religion―are at the heart of America’s cultural divide. Probing the landmark Heller case, which invalidated a law banning handguns in the nation’s capital, he will break down the  fight between gun-rights advocates and gun-control lobbyists. 

Read the Berkeley Human Rights Q&A with Adam Winkler

The Resistance: Alexa Koenig is featured in San Francisco’s Magazine along with other champions for justice

alexa-in-sf-magThe Human Rights Center’s Alexa Koenig is featured in San Francisco Magazine this month as part of “The Resistance”—Bay Area lawmakers, activists, advocates, and lawyers fighting for justice in this new political era. Read the article here. 

Freccero spearheads Call to Action for women’s rights in Greek refugee camps

20161017_125352-1More than a dozen international and national aid agencies working in Greece’s refugee and migrant camps have just signed a Call to Action  to improve gender-based violence protection, increase access to sexual and reproductive health services, and promote women’s empowerment.  Julie Freccero, associate director of the Sexual Violence Program, who spearheaded the effort, has been deployed in Greece since August with the United Nations Population Fund to improve the response to gender-based violence in the camps. The Call to Action developed from a Women’s Rights Briefing Paper that Freccero created with colleagues from Oxfam and other key organizations to synthesize research and advocacy in response to the refugee crisis.  

Read about Freccero’s work.

Human Rights Investigations Lab in the news

screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-12-56-20-pmThe Human Rights Investigations Lab trained 40 students how to use open source techniques to document and verify potential human rights abuses and potential war crimes. The lab was featured in New Scientist—Human rights squad detects abuse in social media imagesand noted in a video about the Syrian Archive. PBS NewsHour has just shot a story about the Lab that is expected to air in February. This semester, we have more than 60 students in the lab working on five projects.

Read about the Lab.

Gun Violence in America event: Urban Gun Violence: Realities and Solutions

dsc_1158Our Urban Gun Violence: Realities and Solutions event at the Social Science Matrix this week featured Pastor Mike McBride, Director for Urban Strategies/LIVE FREE Campaign with the PICO National Network; Reygan Harmon, Ceasefire Project Manager, City of Oakland, and former Oakland Senior Policy Advisor on Public Safety Mike McLively, Staff Attorney at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence and Leader, Healing Communities in Crisis Initiative. The event focused on hands-on solutions in Richmond, Oakland, and nationwide, delivered by frontline policymakers and advocates. A video will be available next week. 

Watch the video! 

A BIG THANKS for your support of human rights! big-give-posts_big-game

A big thanks to all of you for choosing to support the Human Rights Center on Cal’s Big Give. We received gifts from 36 supporters—nearly doubling the number who gave the previous year.  The Human Rights Center must raise nearly all of its budget from private gifts and foundations. We couldn’t do it without you. To learn about what your gift will support, visit our blog.