Travel & Lodging


UC Travel Policy

Before you plan or take a trip, read the “UC Travel Policy in a Nutshell” fliers (see below) and/or Travel FAQ’s.  As UC’s policies for Hosted Guests differ slightly than those for Students, Staff and Faculty, if you would like to send information on our policies to your hosted guests prior to their trip, please make sure to select the ‘Travel Policy in a Nutshell – Hosted guests’ flier.

Travel Roles

The university traveler is responsible for:


  • UC travel and entertainment spending policies, at least as they relate to the circumstances of their own travel
  • If there are any funding source or departmental restrictions on paying for the activity
  • Every travel expense has an approver separate from the traveler and if the approver disallows an expense, it will not be paid/reimbursed


  • Observe normally accepted standards of propriety in the type and manner of expense incurred
  • Purchase travel services through Connexxus whenever reasonable
  • Register for UC travel insurance program if travel is booked outside of Connexxus
  • Report expenses and claim reimbursement in an ethical and responsible manner
  • Submit expense reports timely and respond promptly to requests for details and documentation
  • Return any unused university resources (i.e., unused prepaid airline tickets, excess travel advance funds)
  • Never use university resources to pay for personal expenses


  • UC travel and entertainment spending policies


  • Coordinating with the Traveler to ensure all expenses are reported and all documentation is provided
  • Entering trip information into the reimbursement system on behalf of the Traveler


  • UC travel and entertainment spending policies and funding restrictions


  • Reviewing expenses for reasonableness, appropriateness, accuracy and policy compliance
  • Approve or deny requests in the system – may message other approvers within the system to get their documented approval on funding source or exceptional items

Travel How-To


Connexxus is the University of California’s travel portal, integrating easy access to the many UC travel discounts in a robust travel-planning website. You can plan both business and personal trips via Connexxus and enjoy these discounts on all of your bookings. 

We also encourage users to check out UC Berkeley’s Travel website for additional training and insight into booking travel through UC’s travel portal, Connexxus. Below you will find links to UC Berkeley Travel, and training videos from UCOP’s travel group. To access the UCOP videos, please login in first and select the UC Berkeley travel portal. Once you are logged in to the system you may access the UCOP webinar link. 
UC Berkeley Travel:
UCOP Travel Webinars: 

Bill Your Airfare to a Chartstring

The online Direct Bill ID system allows you to charge business-related airfare directly to a Berkeley Law chartstring. Contact to request training on the DBID system.

Please note:

  • A Direct Bill ID for a particular trip cannot be reused for another trip.
  • Registration for travel insurance is automatic when you book your flight through BCD Travel or UC Travel Center on Connexxus.

How to use the Direct Entry process

After every University paid business or research trip, a record of expenses must be submitted. Travelers on university business typically pay for some of the expenses out of their own pocket and seek reimbursement after the trip is over. It’s a good idea to keep detailed records of what you spend money on and obtain a receipt whenever possible. Per Policy, the expense report must be submitted within 45 days after returning from the trip. An expense report is required, even if no reimbursement is due to the traveler.

Employees can submit a travel expense report by logging in to the travel reimbursement system. Once a report is submitted, employees can track the status of a reimbursement request directly in the system. Guests and students should contact their department for assistance.

How to Enter your Travel Expenses for Reimbursement

Reimbursement Tips

  • You still need to submit the travel expense report even if no money is due to you (costs were paid by direct bill, travel advance, or third-party)
  • Giving details to tell the story of how you spent the money will reduce the need for follow-up questions
  • Receipts are needed for airfare, car rental, conference registration and domestic lodging, regardless of amount
  • You can track the status of your travel reimbursement request

If you have issues with the links above or with access, please contact the Business Services Office

Field trips and excursions

Charter bus service is a restricted purchase – only credentialed Senior Buyers in campus Supply Chain Management have the necessary skills to assess suppliers for proper compliance with state laws regarding insurance coverage, driver licensing and vehicle maintenance.  Their top priority is ensuring the safety of Berkeley Law passengers by weeding out substandard companies and only using suppliers who meet stringent industry safety requirements.

Charter bus service is not eligible for payment via credit card or personal funds.  If you use personal funds, you will not be reimbursed. Only suppliers approved by Supply Chain Management may be used to transport University faculty, staff, students and hosted guests. There are no exceptions to this policy. 

How to order Vehicle Charter Services

  1. Preferred ordering method: Use the following Form in BearBuy for Contract Suppliers: “Vehicle Charter Request Form” 
  2. If you cannot obtain the charter from the contracted suppliers in Bear Buy, for Non-Contract Suppliers use the “Non-Catalog Form”.
  3. The department should attach the following Required PO Documents to the Form as directed in BearBuy:
        • UC Berkeley department contact information
        • Name and contact information for the charter service
        • Trip purpose
        • Trip details
        • Number of passengers
        • Number of minors vs adults
        • Pickup time
        • Drop off time and location
        • Vehicle and pickup instructions
        • Vehicle type
    • Required documents from the Supplier:

      1. Insurance
      2. Conflict of Interest
      3. Supplier’s proposal
      4. Other Considerations:
        1. Note that charters represent a high risk to the University. Charter companies must be able to provide proof of licensing, satisfactory motor vehicle safety ratings and insurance.
        2. See Special Considerations for additional potential issues.
        3. If the service will be ongoing, contact your Campus Buyer to discuss the possibility of establishing a contract.
        4. The Buyer will use the above documentation to create an Independent Contractor Agreement, which will be signed by the Buyer and the Independent Contractor 

Please don’t wait until the last minute – if you can anticipate your charter bus needs for future events, let Regional Shared Services work with Supply Chain Management in advance to establish a University purchase order with an approved supplier that can satisfy your trip requirements.


If you are making hotel reservations for out-of-town guests, here are some options close to or on campus:

Bancroft Hotel

Berkeley City Club

Claremont Hotel

DoubleTree Berkeley Marina

Faculty Club

Graduate Berkeley

Hotel Shattuck Plaza

Women’s Faculty Club

UC Berkeley sets daily lodging limits for domestic trips under 30 days is set at a $275 room rate, excluding taxes and fees.

You can view a current list of hotels, venues and caterers with whom the University holds Master Service Agreements here. Please note that UC employees must pay out-of-pocket for their lodging expenses and be reimbursed after-the-fact.

If you have questions about booking a block of hotel rooms for a conference, please email the Event Services team.