MCLE Credit

Evaluating the Activity

The State Bar evaluates whether a single activity is approved for Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) credit using the following factors: the activity must be directly relevant to members of the State Bar; the activity has significant and current professional or practical content; the presenters or faculty have significant professional or academic experience related to the topic being presented; the intended audience must be primarily members of the State Bar (for example, courses intended for paralegals do not qualify); and the written or electronic materials that accompany the activity must be suitable and easily understood.

Please review the “Providing MCLE Credit for a Berkeley Law Activity” flier for full details.  

Calculating MCLE Hours

The calculation of hours for MCLE credit for California members is based on sixty minutes of legal education instruction to equal one hour of MCLE credit. Hours may be calculated to the nearest quarter hour, or .25 of credit. Legal education is the actual length of time devoted to an acceptable legal education topic.

MCLE Publicity

Promotional material must:
     1. state that the activity is approved for MCLE credit or that a request for approval is pending;
     2. specify the amount of credit offered; and
     3. indicate whether any of the credit may be claimed for required MCLE in special credit hours
         (see flier for special credit hour details).

Berkeley Law Administrative Requirements:

General requirements for all Berkeley Law programs wishing to offer MCLE credit:

Before event:

Email with the following materials:

  1. Agenda or link/URL to agenda.
  2. Substantive written materials or link/URL to substantive written materials. Materials must be available at the event or online before the event begins (if the presentations will last more than an hour, total).
  3. Brief summary  (no longer than a paragraph) of each session topic and how it qualifies for MCLE credit.
  4. Calculation of total MCLE hours requested.

During event:

     1. Maintain Record of Attendance for MCLE requestors. 
     2. Offer Certificate of Attendance to MCLE participants. 
     3. Offer Evaluation Forms to MCLE participants.

After event (please submit a hard copy of the following items to Thembi Anne Jackson, 255 Boalt Hall):

     1. Original record of attendance
     2. evaluation forms
     3. Blank copy of Certificate of Attendance 
     4. Copy of final agenda 
     5. Copy of one piece of publicity materials listing total MCLE credit hours

HOW DO I TRANSFER MY Out of State CREDIT to California?

You can transfer your credit if the out-of-state activity was offered by a jurisdiction on California’s approved list. For a list of approved states and foreign jurisdictions, check the State Bar website.


Please check with your own state bar since each state has its own specific rules about MCLE credit. For a list of links to state bar websites, click here. You can access complete information on the California State Bar’s MCLE program by clicking here. If you have questions concerning your MCLE credit earned through Boalt activities, please email