MCLE Credit

The State Bar evaluates whether a single activity is approved for Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) credit using the following factors: the activity must be directly relevant to members of the State Bar; the activity has significant and current professional or practical content; the presenters or faculty have significant professional or academic experience related to the topic being presented; the intended audience must be primarily members of the State Bar (for example, courses intended for paralegals do not qualify); and the written or electronic materials that accompany the activity must be suitable and easily understood.

For a complete list of Berkeley Law MCLE credit offerings, please click here.  


All Berkeley Law programs must complete the following steps in order to offer MCLE credit:


Submit your event to our MCLE calendar.
(Submission form here)

In the event description field, please include:

  1. Agenda or a link to agenda.
  2. Link(s) to substantive written materials. Materials must be available at the event or online before the event begins (if the presentations will last more than an hour, total).
  3. Be sure to enter the total amount of MCLE credit being offered.

Once the event is submitted, it will be reviewed and, if approved, will be posted to the MCLE calendar.


  1. Maintain Record of Attendance for MCLE requestors
  2. Offer Certificate of Attendance to MCLE participants. 
  3. Offer Evaluation Forms to MCLE participants (Forms are optional for participants to  complete).

MCLE templates for your event can be found here. This link requires a password; please contact if you need access. 


Turn in the following to Event Services:

  1. Record of attendance / Sign up sheet
  2. Any evaluation forms (Optional for participants to complete)
  3. Blank copy of Certificate of Attendance (Original certificates for participants and/or presenters for their records)

Please review the MCLE Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

For questions regarding Berkeley Law MCLE credit activities, please email