Event Registration

Berkeley Law event planners have two online event registration options. These suppliers are under contract to the University of California and important safeguards are in place to protect the revenue they accept on your behalf. You may not use any other website to manage your online registrations if the income will be received by the University.


Eventbrite is very good option for simple registration pages where fees are not charged. Each registration page is custom designed to match your event, and registration lists can be downloaded by the event planner directly. We encourage all event planners to create their own free accounts with Eventbrite.


Aventri is the campus-approved online registration platform used for paid events or events requiring more complicated options. 

For Berkeley Law departments that wish to set up an Aventri account for paid registrations, please contact Business Services and they will set you up with a new account through Campus Merchant Support. 

Please be aware that if you wish to use this account for “free” events, you will be charged a service fee of $1.95 as well as a ~3% credit card merchant fee per registration.  All registration service fees will be charged to the chartstring submitted with your Credit Card Merchant Setup Request Form.


Payments received via your online registration site are processed for deposit to your designated chartstring by Business Services. Please remember that your event budget should include the campus administrative fee of 13% applied to external revenue from the sale of educational activities. This fee is also applied to deposits of checks or cash for event revenue. A 7.5% administrative fee is applied to sponsorships/gifts. 


It is important that events be inclusive and accessible to all members of the Berkeley Community. Below are resources to address and ensure accessibility:

When marketing your event (including flyers, webpages, reg pages, etc.), you must include a standard accessibility contact statement.

Sample statement:

If you require an accommodation for effective communication (ASL interpreting/CART captioning, alternative media formats, etc.) or information about campus mobility access features in order to fully participate in this event, please contact [name of Accessibility Coordinator for your event] at [contact information phone number and email] with as much advance notice as possible and at least 7-10 days in advance of the event.

To access the shared Berkeley Law comprehensive list of event related vendors, please contact events@law.berkeley.edu.

On Site Registrations


In general Berkeley Law would like to dissuade you from using a cash fund. The increased liabilities, in most circumstances, outweigh the benefits. There should always be a minimum of two individuals observing cash or check transactions – the cash box is always in the possession of one of these event cashiers or the event coordinator at all times. Please review the Policy for Cash and Cash Equivalents Received flier for details and requirements. A cash box and accompanying transaction documentation may be procured from Berkeley Law Events with 48-hours notice.


Credit card account information MAY NOT be accepted directly from cardholders. There are no exceptions to this restriction. Berkeley Law has no longer has the ability to process card information manually. To appropriately manage customer expectations, event coordinators should include a notation on all event-related materials if credit cards will not be accepted on the day of the event. Follow these procedures to accept credit cards at the event registration.