Building Services Request Procedure

Building Services can assist your event by arranging tables and chairs, janitorial services, and room setups. To request help from Building Services, please contact them via email at least 3 business days (72 hours) in advance of your event at facilities@law.berkeley.eduMake sure your room request has been approved before submitting a facilities request.

When requesting assistance from building services please make sure you include the following information:
     1. Event date
     2. Event location
     3. Event start time
     4. Event end time
     5. Will food be served? (Caterer?)
     6. Will alcohol be served? (Caterer?)
     7. Total expected attendance
     8. Specific room setup requests (most specialized room setups can be found in EMS)

Other notes about facilities requests:

     • For large, all day, or multi-day events additional custodial resources may be required and may incur additional expenses. 

     • In your email, remember to include information about the preferred layout (placement of tables, chairs, podiums, garbage cans, etc.). Building services will work with you to maintain proper access and safety. Most specialized room setups can be found in EMS while placing your room reservation.  

     • Make sure to use sign holders for publicity. Signs may not be taped to the walls under any circumstances. Please read the Posting Policy for more details.

     • Please note: There are no event setups allowed in the hallways or Laub Lobby. The only exceptions are the Donor Lobby and the 100/105/110 hallway.

     • To request composting service, please click here. For more details contact Campus Recycling and Refuse Services at (510) 643-4612 or email recycle@berkeley.edu.