General Information

Before you make your food and beverage purchase, take a moment to read this one-page flyer: UC Berkeley Entertainment Policy in a Nutshell  (PDF).

It is also important to know the Maximum Meal Expenses when planning catering for your event.


All entertainment (food and beverage) purchases require a completed and signed Entertainment Certification Form (scrolls down to the “Helpful Links” section to download the form).

Keep in mind that food, beverage, service charges and taxes are included in the per person limit for entertainment expenses, but rentals, flowers and set-up fees are not.


If you will be serving alcohol at a dinner or reception on campus then make sure you file an Alcoholic Beverage Permit. The form must be filed a minimum of 10 business days before the event. Read the full details of alcohol permits here.

To access the shared Berkeley Law comprehensive list of event related vendors, please contact

Catering Vendors

Catering frequently used at Berkeley Law:

  Contact Full Service Drop-Off
ACT Catering

(510) 654-0148

Ann’s Catering 

(510) 649-0869

Bancroft Catering 

(510) 549-1000

Cal Catering/ UC Berkeley Events & Conferences 

(510) 643-4314


(510) 883-1893

contact Grégoire

Market Hall Caterers 

(510) 250-6001

contact Market Hall Caterers 

Hugh Groman Catering/Greenleaf Platters

(510) 647-5165

Bay Area Kosher Options (This list does not include kosher caterers who can’t support individual meals)

Flying Falafel (Also Halal)

Outsources delivery/better to pick up

Boichik Bagels

(510) 858-5189

Pick up only (Delivery can be arranged if ordered through Market Hall Caterers)
Oakland Kosher Foods

(510) 839-0177

Offers delivery after 10am
Frena Bakery


Delivery within 2 miles of store in San Francisco
Sabra Grill

(415) 982-3656

Catering for 10 or more available. To-go individual meals for pickup only.

Bay Area Halal Options

The Halal Guys 

contact The Halal Guys 

Crave Subs 

 (510) 833-2137

contact Crave Subs

Middle East Market 

Razan’s Organic Kitchen

(510) 486-0449

contact Razan’s Organic Kitchen

Turkish Kitchen

contact Turkish Kitchen

To access the shared Berkeley Law comprehensive list of event related vendors, please contact

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