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Publications by Anne Joseph O'Connell


Research Handbook on Public Choice and Public Law (co-edited with Daniel A. Farber), (Edward Elgar, 2010)


"Agency Rulemaking and Political Transitions", 105 Northwestern University Law Review 471 (2011)

"Bureaucracy at the Boundary", 162 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 841 (2014) (winner of ABA Award for Scholarship in Administrative Law)

"Deadlines in Administrative Law" (with Jacob E. Gersen), 156 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 923 (2008)

"Experiential Learning and Presidential Management of the U.S. Federal Bureaucracy: Logic and Evidence from Agency Leadership Appointments" (with George A. Krause), American Journal of Political Science (forthcoming)

"Hiding in Plain Sight? Timing and Transparency in the Administrative State" (with Jacob E. Gersen), 76 University of Chicago Law Review 1157 (2009)

"Political Cycles of Rulemaking: An Empirical Portrait of the Modern Administrative State", 94 Virginia Law Review 889 (2008) (winner of AALS Scholarly Papers Competition)

"Shortening Agency and Judicial Vacancies through Filibuster Reform? An Examination of Confirmation Rates and Delays from 1981 to 2014", 64 Duke Law Journal 1645 (2015)

"The Architecture of Smart Intelligence: Structuring and Overseeing Agencies in the Post-9/11 World", 94 California Law Review 1655 (2006)

"The Lost World of Administrative Law" (with Daniel A. Farber), 92 Texas Law Review 1137 (2014) (winner of Richard D. Cudahy Writing Competition on Regulatory and Administrative Law)

"Unorthodox Lawmaking, Unorthodox Rulemaking" (with Abbe R. Gluck and Rosa Po), 115 Columbia Law Review 1789 (2015)

"Vacant Offices: Delays in Staffing Top Agency Positions", 82 Southern California Law Review 913 (2009) (winner of ABA Award for Scholarship in Administrative Law)

"Strong Executive Leadership Crucial for Policy Implementation" (with James P. Pfiffner [lead author], Dwight Ink, and David E. Lewis), 41 The Public Manager 37 (Winter) (2012)

"Analyzing Incomplete Political Science Data: An Alternative Algorithm for Multiple Imputation" (with Gary King [lead author], James Honaker, and Kenneth Scheve), 95 American Political Science Review 49 (2001)

"The Isomorphism Problem for Cayley Digraphs on Groups of Prime-Squared Order", 141 Discrete Mathematics 173 (1995)

"Almost Alternating Links" (with Colin C. Adams, Jeffrey F. Brock, John Bugbee, Timothy D. Comar, Keith A. Faigin, Amy M. Houston, and David Pesikoff), 46 Topology and Its Applications 151 (1992)


"Cleaning Up and Launching Ahead: What President Obama can learn from previous administrations in establishing his regulatory agenda", Center for American Progress (January 2009) - PDF Version (1.34 Mb)

"Let's Get It Started What President-elect Obama can learn from previous administrations in making political appointments", Center for American Progress (January 2009) - PDF Version (848 Kb)

"Waiting for Leadership: President Obama's Record in Staffing Key Agency Positions and How to Improve the Appointments Process," Center for American Progress (April 2010) - PDF Version (543 Kb)

"Five Myths about Presidential Appointments", Washington Post (July 21, 2013)


"Hearing Voices", 108 Yale Law Journal 1425 (1999) (reviewing Arthur Lupia and Mathew D. McCubbins, The Democratic Dilemma (1998))

"Disclosure about Disclosure", JOTWELL (May 2016) (on-line) (reviewing Margaret B. Kwoka, FOIA, Inc., 65 Duke Law Journal (forthcoming))

"Privileged Delegations," JOTWELL (February 2015) (on-line) (reviewing Mila Sohoni, The Power to Privilege, 163 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 487 (2015))

"Regulating Constitutional Law", JOTWELL (October 2010) (on-line) (reviewing Sophia Z. Lee, Race, Sex, and Rulemaking: Constitutionalism and the Workplace, 1960 to the Present, 96 Virginia Law Review 799 (2010))

"State Interpreters", JOTWELL (March 2012) (on-line) (reviewing Abbe R. Gluck, Intrastatutory Federalism and Statutory Interpretation: State Implementation of Federal Law in Health Reform and Beyond, 121 Yale Law Journal 534 (2011))

"Well-Regulated", Democracy: A Journal of Ideas (Spring 2008) (reviewing Steven P. Croley, Regulation and Public Interests: The Possibility of Good Regulatory Governance (2008)) - PDF Version (85 Kb)

"Public Agencies Going Private", JOTWELL (June 2013) (on-line) (reviewing Jon Michaels, Privatization’s Progeny, 101 Georgetown Law Journal 1023(2013))


"A Measurement Model of Loyalty and Competence for Presidential Appointees in U.S. Government Agencies, 1977-2009: A Hierarchical Generalized Latent Trait Analysis" (with George A. Krause)

"Auditing Politics or Political Auditing?"

"Bureaucratic Leadership, Agency Mission, and the Political Calculus of Budgetary Investment Decisions for U.S. Federal Government Agencies, 1977-2009" (with George A. Krause)

"Qualifications: Law and Practice of Selecting Agency Leaders"

"Who Walks the Watchdog? Bureaucratic Oversight and the Government Accountability Office"


"National Security Decisions, History, and the Rule of Law: Improving Transparency, Deliberation, and Accountability" (with Daniel Farber), Senate Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on the Constitution, Hearing on Restoring the Rule of Law (September 16, 2008) (written testimony) - PDF Version (54 Kb)

AMELIA: A Program for Missing Data (software) (with James Honaker, Gary King, Kenneth Scheve, and Naunihal Singh), (2003, initial public version 1999)


"Anthropometry, the Police Expert, and the Deptford Murders: The Contested Introduction of Fingerprinting for the Identification of Criminals in Late Victorian and Edwardian Britain", in Documenting Individual Identity: The Development of State Practices in the Modern World 164 (Jane Caplan & John Torpey eds., Princeton University Press, 2001)

"Intelligent Oversight", in The Day that Changed Everything? (Matthew Morgan ed., Palgrave Macmillan, 2009) - PDF Version (1.12 Mb)

"Introduction: A Brief Trajectory of Public Choice and Public Law" (with Daniel A. Farber), in Research Handbook on Public Choice and Public Law (Daniel A. Farber & Anne Joseph O'Connell eds., Edward Elgar, 2010)

"Making the Match: Human Traces, Forensic Experts and the Public Imagination" (with Alison Winter), in Cultural Babbage: Technology, Time and Invention 193 (Francis Spufford & Jenny Uglow eds., Faber & Faber, 1996)

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