Direct Bill Charge

A Direct Bill ID (DBID) allows travelers to charge the purchase of business-related airfare directly to the university. To use the DBID, airfare reservations must be booked through one of UC’s travel agencies, BCD Travel or UC Travel Center. Access to the agencies is available through the UC travel portal, ConnexUC.
Pleases visit the Controller’s webpage for how to create and enter a direct bill,  Instructions for creating a Direct Bill ID
A Direct Bill ID can only be used for a single airline reservation. You will need to create a new DBID for each new airfare purchase. To locate previously issued DBIDs, select ‘Manage Direct Bill IDs’ in the ‘Departmental Functions’ main drop down menu. Before proceeding, be sure to obtain any pre-approvals that may be required by your campus department or funding source. If charging airfare to state funds, ensure your destination is not on the list of banned states; see FAQs.
Direct Bill cannot be used to purchase airfare for the purposes of relocation or personal travel.