Online Registration Options

If you are planning an event with online event registration, you may use only two University-approved suppliers, Eventbrite and Aventri.  These suppliers are under contract to the University of California and important safeguards are in place to protect the revenue they accept on your behalf.  You may not use any other Web site to manage your online registrations if the income will be received by the University.


Aventri (formerly etouches) is used for paid events or events requiring more complicated options.

For departments who wish to set up an Aventri account for paid registrations, please contact us at inquiries@law.berkeley.edu and we will arrange with campus Merchant Support to set you up with a new account.  All registration service fees and credit card bank fees will be charged to the chartstring submitted with your Credit Card Merchant Setup Request Form.

Please be aware that if you wish to use this account for “free” events (no registration fee charged), you will still be charged a service fee of $1.95 per registration. 

Eventbrite is very good option for simple registration pages where fees are not charged. Each registration page is custom designed to match your event, and registration lists can be downloaded by the event planner directly. We encourage all event planners to create their own free accounts with Eventbrite.


Payments received via your online registration site are processed for deposit to your designated chartstring by Business Services. Please remember that your event budget should include the campus administrative fee of 9% applied to external revenue from the sale of educational activities. This fee is also applied to deposits of checks or cash for event revenue. A 5% administrative fee is applied to sponsorships/gifts.