Centers, Clinics, and Departments

Students can be reimbursed for any travel, entertainment, and non-T&E purchases as long as it relates to UC Berkeley business. If you wish to provide payment to a student outside a standard reimbursement please be sure to reach out to Business Services and Financial Aid to see if it falls within policy.

Travel, Entertainment and Other Expenses (Non T&E purchases) are entered through UC Berkeley’s Direct Entry reimbursement webpage. Please be sure to have the required back-up documentation

A stipend is a pre-determined amount paid to the participant to help offset housing and/or subsistence expenses. Stipend payments to non-resident aliens are subject to withholding unless the individual is eligible to claim a tax treaty exemption. 

  • Begin by entering your student’s information on the Financial Aid/Stipend Request Form. This automatically generates emails alerting Business Services and Financial Aid to your request and creates a permanent record of the request. One student per submission, please.
  • All payments to students (other than reimbursements) have the potential to affect a student’s financial aid; Berkeley Law’s Financial Aid team will investigate your student’s specific situation before giving approval for the payment to move forward. You may receive an email from Financial Aid discussing the details.
  • Once approval is given from Financial Aid to proceed, Business Services will submit the award for approval in UC’s Student information System (SIS).
  • Financial Aid will then approve the award and confirm when the funds disburse. You’ll receive a confirmation email that you can pass along to the student in question. Please allow 1-2 weeks for these processes to occur.

Questions regarding a student’s financial aid package and unique financial situation or  about the above information, please contact the Law School Director of Financial Aid (