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Berkeley Law Business Services News

Need a form to set up a requisition, submit a reimbursement, or are creating an Aventri e-commerce site for event registration? Please visit our newly added Electronic Forms Warehouse

All questions and requests should be directed to inquiries@law.berkeley.edu . This will allow business services team members and directors to provide information and services in a timely manner as well as assess if the request requires additional collaboration.


UCB Controller’s Office

  • Students and Employees as Vendors have been removed from BearBUY. Going forward, if a student or employee requires a payment that cannot be accommodated in the reimbursement system, SIS or UCPath, they will need to go through the supplier onboarding process, including a conflict of interest form with every transaction. In the exceptional cases when Berkeley purchases from an employee or student, that department must seek a Conflict of Interest exemption and require the student or employee to go through the supplier onboarding process prior to creating a purchase order. This change is scheduled to be implemented by Tuesday, May 31st. If you have any questions about this change, you can reach out to supplychain@berkeley.edu or vcfinance@berkeley.edu
  • To set-up a new supplier profile, an authorized user within the Law School sends the supplier an invitation using the New Supplier Onboarding Portal. For new suppliers, the Substitute W-9 form and the EFT and Foreign Bank Authorization forms are incorporated within the portal process, so a separate form is no longer needed or accepted. More information on the portal process is on the UCB Controller’s Office Supplier Onboarding Overview webpage.

  • The Vendoring Team, part of the Controller’s department in the finance division is experiencing an extremely high level of requests for new supplier setups. They work on requests on a first in, first out basis and their goal is to add a new supplier and respond to questions by no later than 5 business days, preferably sooner. Currently, because of the volume of new requests, the processing time to add new suppliers is roughly 20 business days and the response time for questions has increased to over 30 business days.

  • Vendoring Frequently Asked Question can address any immediate inquiries that you may have regarding on-boarding.


Supply Chain Management

  • Check out the  September 2022 SCM News Letter for all the latest updates in BearBUY!
  • Accessibility Matters

    Twenty-six percent of U.S. adults have some type of disability, and many of those disabilities impact how people interact with digital content. Implementing accessibility tools into your digital content results in social inclusivity, increased audience reach, and documented improvement in the overall user experience. To help you implement accessibility best practices, UC Systemwide Procurement introduces five new UC-wide agreements for Assistive Technology solutions that include technologies like screen readers and magnifiers, literacy tools, note taking and more to accommodate and support students and staff with disabilities.

  • BearBUY’s Fall upgrade release will be in production on November 7, 2022.

    Coming soon are:

    • Form updates with a new user experience. Forms in the new user experience will have a slightly updated look and feel. They will also no longer open in a separate window.
    • More online training for Shoppers will be available in the Learning Management system (UC Learning). It will include information on looking up invoices, running searches, and how to request changes to purchase orders. This training is encouraged, but not required for shoppers.
    • New required Training for Change Order Preparers and Buyers launching in November.

    More information on the upcoming BearBUY