Buying Contractor Services

Supply Chain Management

Independent Contractor Defined: An individual or entity that performs a specific service for the UC based on a set price, pursuant to a scope of work and deliverables set by the UC.

In BearBuy, go to:

  • > Forms > Organization Forms > (Service Order Request Form)

When to use this form:

  • To purchase Services (Independent Contractors or Consultants, SaaS, Installation, Maintenance, Training, etc.).
  • When you have an ‘After the Fact’ (ATF) order that will require additional invoice payments in the future.
  • Click to see What Form Should I Use?

Required from Department:

Required documents from Vendors-Departments should work with vendors to secure documentation before submitting on Bearbuy.

  • UCB Substitute W-9 and Supplier Information Form (New Suppliers/Individual Supplier wishing to do business with UC Berkeley must complete this form.) Departments must complete section 2.
  • Insurance Certificate (depending on the project, the certificate must name “The Regents of the University of California” as additionally insured. Check out the link to the UCOP policy-BUS 63 for additional help on what is required.)
  • Conflict of Interest Certification Form
  • Estimate or Statement of Work (outlines the relationship of the scope of the work, deliverables, time period, and fees to build a guide for establishing a breakdown of fees and a payment schedule)

Please contact if you have any questions or ProS Regional Shared Services Purchasing Team Supervisor, Latara Harris.