An honorarium is normally a one-time payment granted in recognition of a special service or distinguished achievement for which propriety precludes setting a fixed price, such as a special lecture, participation in a workshop or panel discussion, or similar activities. If the fee is prescribed by the individual or if it is negotiated, an honorarium situation does not exist, rather a contract for services exists. Further, it is inappropriate to pay honoraria to individuals who make significant instructional contributions to a course, or to pay honoraria over several months, such as to visiting scholars. Honorarium payments are generally not allowable charges to federal funds unless a contract or grant specifically authorizes such payments.

Honoraria Payments to UC Faculty from Other UC Campuses

The maximum honoraria rate that can be paid to University of California faculty is $1,500 (with exceptions allowed up to $3,000) per event. All University of California faculty honoraria payments of $3,000 or less require the written approval of a Dean, the University Librarian, and Vice Provost. Exceptional honoraria paid to University of California faculty in excess of $3,000 require written approval from the Office of the President.

Non-Academic UC Staff

Non-academic staff members are not eligible to receive either honoraria or any other payments that are not related to the service they are providing as employees.

Honoraria Payments to Foreign Individuals

Honoraria payments to foreign individuals are subject to the same guidelines as citizens and residents of the U.S. In addition, there are other requirements that must be met before a payment can be made.


Submitting a Honoraria Request

Before submitting a request for a Honorarium on BearBuy, please complete the Honorarium/Gift Request Form. Honoraria payments greater than $1,000 must be approved in advance by the Dean and the Assistant Dean and are subject to applicable sections of the Academic Personnel Manual. Payments to individuals are subject to income tax reporting and visa restrictions.

For more information, please see https://controller.berkeley.edu/financial-operations/accounts-payable/honoraria-guidelines