Entertainment on BearBuy: Drop Off Food Delivery or Off-Campus Event Catering

America To Go (ATG) is UC Berkeley’s preferred managed food delivery program, which:

  • Offers a BearBuy Punch-out Catalog to make procurement of drop-off food delivery quick and efficient for on-campus meetings and events. 
  • Displays menus from the University’s contracted restaurants, allowing you to conveniently build orders through one site.
  • Ensures that the restaurants in the ATG system use compostable and/or recyclable packaging and utensils and comply with UC minimum standards for Sustainability.
  • Verifies that restaurants hold the appropriate health permits as well as approved indemnity and auto insurance.


To order: 

Prior to the event (so that the order can be processed in time for the event), enter the order information into the ATG Punch-out Catalog. The preferred method is the “Standard” process. The “Custom Order” process should be used on a very limited basis. Also note that each BearBUY order should only include an order from one restaurant.

Visit the America To Go Punch Out Catalog Job Aid to learn more about how to place an order in BearBuy, as well when and how to use the Standard and Custom Order processes.

Helpful Tips on Ordering catering or take-out food on BearBuy:

  1. Advance Ordering Recommended
    • Your order should be placed as far in advance as possible to allow time for your approver to approve your order and for the caterer to receive and confirm it. Keep in mind that most caterers have a lead time of 24-48 hours.
    • If your order is last minute, please make sure your approver approves it quickly to avoid delays in the caterer receiving and preparing your order.
  2. Meeting & Event Purpose
    • Attach a copy of the Entertainment Certification Form FY22-23 to the BearBuy requisition before submitting your cart.
    • Form should be signed by your department’s designated entertainment approver.
    • Include the purpose for your meeting and provide list of all attendees, names & titles.
  3. Catering E-mail Confirmation from America To Go
    • Your catering order will be confirmed via email from America To Go AFTER your Meeting & Entertainment approver has approved your order in BearBuy, and the caterer has received and confirmed the order.
    • If you have not received a confirmation email from America To Go, the caterer may not have your order or may not have confirmed it yet with America To Go.
  4. For Requisition approval status, email inquiries@law.berkeley.edu
  5. For change orders after the order has been placed and to check delivery status, call America To Go Customer Service 1-866-284-8646.
  6. For Questions about entertainment policy, please visit Entertainment Policy in a Nutshell   or email inquiries@law.berkeley.edu


On-campus catering services: 

The University must utilize its internal employees to provide food service preparation and serving of food at on-campus events to the greatest extent possible before resorting to the use of private contractors to provide such services. Contracting for catering services is only permissible under limited circumstances. Please contact  CalCatering (link is external)or I-House(link is external) to plan your on-campus event when it requires catering services


Off-Campus Event Catering 

If you want to pay for catering and no facility rental is involved and you would like to do one of the following below:

  1. Submit a Catering Estimate or Contract
    • Click on and complete a Services and Non-Tangible Items Form in BearBUY.
    • Include the event name and date,  the unsigned catering and/or bartending agreement and insurance certificates to support that the catering occurred on behalf of UC Berkeley, was directly related to UC Berkeley business, and did not personally benefit the host or other employees.
    • Include the proposed estimate
    • Entertainment Certification Form FY22-23 . You may be prompted for an RVSP list by Business Services .
    • After the Purchase Order (PO) is created, an invoice may be submitted to Disbursements for payment . 
  2. If you are planning to use your Event Planner Card to pay for Food Delivery to Campus or an Off-Campus Catering Event
    • The invoice should not include labor 
    • Review and Verify the transaction(s) within 5 days from their appearance on the staging table in BFS
    • Include the Entertainment Certification Form FY22-23with purchase and chartstring approval from the department manager, Guest list, Itemized invoice receipt, and Flyer of the event .
    • Prior to payment with EPC card secure pre-approval from Business Services and Supply Chain Management for facility rental and contract agreements. 


Event Planner Card

This card provides the Event Planner the ability to conduct university business in coordinating all social events and ceremonies sponsored by the College/School/Divisions and authorized Business Officers.  Examples of events include receptions, luncheons, dinners, and other meetings and events as appropriate.  The Event Planner oversees the purchase of goods and services for events and in doing so, has authority to make purchases within the single-purchase limit of the Event Planner Card (EPC).  Only the cardholder has authority to make purchases with the card. The basic policies and procedures for the Event Planner Card program are set forth in UC policies for entertainment (BUS-79(link is external)) and procurement card programs (BUS-43(link is external)).