Entertainment on BearBuy

Ordering catering or take-out food on BearBuy

You may place your food and catering orders directly with your selected suppliers and then request payment via the vendor, America-to-Go Punch-out catalog on BearBuy. Regional Shared Services Purchasing team will then process your requisition to submit to the vendor. You may also reach out to Event Services for additional tips and guidance for outside vendors.

A full listing of all caterers in America To Go is available here.


  • Advance Ordering Recommended
    • Your order should be placed as far in advance as possible to allow time for your approver to approve your order and for the caterer to receive and confirm it. Keep in mind that most caterers have a lead time of 24-48 hours.
    • If your order is last minute, please make sure your approver approves it quickly to avoid delays in the caterer receiving and preparing your order.
  • Meeting & Event Purpose
    • Attach a copy of the Entertainment Authorization Form to the BearBuy requisition before submitting your cart.
    • Form should be signed by your department’s designated entertainment approver.
    • Include the purpose for your meeting and provide list of all attendees, names & titles.
  • Catering E-mail Confirmation from America To Go
    • Your catering order will be confirmed via email from America To Go AFTER your Meeting & Entertainment approver has approved your order in BearBuy, and the caterer has received and confirmed the order.
    • If you have not received a confirmation email from America To Go, the caterer may not have your order or may not have confirmed it yet with America To Go.
  • For Requisition approval status, check your BearBuy workflow for approvals or contact the BearBuy Help Desk at bearbuyhelp@berkeley.edu.
  • For change orders after the order has been placed and to check delivery status, call America To Go Customer Service 1-866-284-8646.
  • For Questions about entertainment policy, contact the Accounts Payable help desk at disburse@berkeley.edu.