SABL & Alumni Fund General Expense Reimbursement


Please Note: Student general reimbursement usually covers swag (T-shirts, hats, etc.), office supplies for Student Group offices, graduation stoles, etc.


These purchases and forms of payment are absolutely not reimbursable:

    • Gift cards for “Thank you” gifts
    • Payments using gift cards 
    • Payments using reward points
    • Third-party payments — we reimburse only the person who incurred the expense
    • Peer-to-peer (P2P) payments such as Venmo, Square Cash, or Zelle
    • Software/cloud storage
    • Late fees on credit card accounts

Students are responsible for their own expenses. The payee is always the person who incurred the expense.

When in doubt, prior to spending your money, check with Business Services ( and the Student Handbook first to ensure reimbursement requirements. Questions regarding your group’s SABL budget or fund should be directed to SABL Treasurer, Ben Pearce. Alumni fund questions can be directed to Business Services. If your group is a student journal, contact If your group is one of the Student-Initiated Legal Services Projects (SLPS), please contact

For prompt payment, please submit your reimbursement 10 days following the date of the receipt.


Prior to Reimbursement

  1. Secure Approval
    • Secure purchasing approval from your student group Financial Officer or Co-Leader/
    • Secure fund approval from SABL Treasurer, Ben Pearce. Business Services will approve Alumni funds.
    • Approvals can be obtained either via e-mail (should state the business purpose, description of what was purchased, and the amount to be reimbursed) or by filling out the Student Organization General Reimbursement Payment Request form and obtaining a “wet” signature. 
  1. Documentation & Receipts Required
    • Business purpose (how does the expense benefit the University and its mission)
    • Itemized receipt or invoice of what was purchased, amount of the purchase, date(s) of the purchase, vendor name
    • Event brochure, invitation or flier
    • List of gift recipients with full names (no initials or nicknames) for gifts & swag purchases only 
    • Approval from Student Group or Journal Officer (“wet” signature on form, or e-mail approval)
    • Approval from SABL Treasurer, Ben Pearce (“wet” signature on form, or e-mail approval)
    • Please be sure to redact all sensitive or confidential information from backup documents before uploading.  See Controller’s Office link on preparing documents for imaging.
    • Save all backups in one *.pdf file so it can be uploaded at the end


If requesting reimbursement for swag, please make sure you check out the link for Internal/Custom Licensees:


How to Submit Your General Reimbursement

“Other Expense” system link:

You will need to log into the system with you CalNet ID.

  • Go to the Web site (
  • Navigate to “Other”
  • Create Report
  • Select Student ID in the drop-down -> then input your student ID number
  • Select Home Department: CLLAW
  • Input expense information
  • Save and Continue
  • Please disregard the prompt to enter a chartstring (also known as Chart of Accounts or COA) and instead select Save and Continue. A Business Services team member will complete this section for you.
  • Attach all required documents listed above under Secure Approval and Documentation & Receipts.  This should be saved in one *.pdf file and include the paid invoice receipt, student finance officer approval and SABL fund approval or Alumni Approval.



Step-by-step guide on how to enter Other Reimbursement Expense:

Submitting a Reimbursement for Other Expense Video: