Electronic Forms Warehouse


Welcome to the Business Services department electronic forms warehouse. Electronic versions of Auxiliary forms are posted on-line, to provide staff and faculty with a quick and convenient method forms necessary for procurement purchases, travel and entertainment. New and revised forms meant for internal use will be made available as soon as they are released. Please note that some purchases require pre-approval or can be paired with forms from different sections. If you have any questions on which form(s) your unit will need to process your purchase order or reimbursement, you can reach out to the Business Services team at inquiries@law.berkeley.edu .

Additional forms can be found at the UCB Controller’s Website: https://controller.berkeley.edu/forms-warehouse



Student Groups/Organizations Seeking Reimbursement from SABL Fund or Alumni Fund (optional form)

Student Org General Reimbursement Form FY2023-2024

Student Org Entertainment Reimbursement Form_FY2023-2024

Student Org Domestic Travel Reimbursement Form FY2023-2024



UCB Dependent Care Reimbursement Form (Requires Pre-Approval from Dean’s Office) 

Exceptional Travel Approval Form – Faculty and Staff

Exceptional Travel Pre-Approval Form for Student Lodging (CENTERS & DEPTS)

Exceptional Travel Approval Form – Guest


Procurement and Entertainment                                                                                                                                                                            

Entertainment Certification Form FY 2023-2024 *Updated!

Bulk Alcohol Inventory Form

After the Fact Justification Worksheet

CLLAW Certificate of Lost or Missing Receipt

Conflict of Interest Declaration Form’



Honorarium/Gift Request Form (Honorariums exceeding $1,000 require pre-approval)

Certification of academic activity for International Vistors



Vendors and Suppliers

Domestic Supplier Information Update / Substitute W-9 / Electronic Funds Transfer Form(link is external)

Foreign Supplier Information Update / Foreign Bank Authorization (Wire Transfer) Form


Other Expenses 

General Expense Exceptional Approval Form

Software or Services Reimbursement Request Form

Electronic Agreement Form and BFB-G-46 policy on cell phone and electronic portable devices 2018


BluCard and EPC

CLLAW BluCard Reconciliation Worksheet

CLLAW EPC and BluCard Agreement Form


E-commerce: Cybersource, Aventri, and Bank Wires

Aventri Site Testing Request Form

Aventri Refund Request Form

Electronic payment claim form (PDF)


Department On-Boarding

Department On-Boarding Request Form for Finance Systems Access