Paying Foreign Individuals and Suppliers

If you are a UC Berkeley Student:

Important! Direct deposit requirements for students transferring funds outside the U.S. (Word)

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Student inquiries should be submitted by opening a case with Cal Student Central.

Additional student information can be found at:

Paying Foreign Individuals

For detailed information about providing payments to foreign individuals who are invited to the campus by Berkeley Law hosts, go to Reimburse Foreign Visitors for Travel Expenses on the Berkeley Travel website, which explains what information and forms each host is responsible for obtaining before a foreign guest arrives and when this guest is on campus. Based on the guest’s Visa classification, the forms* and travel items+ may include:

Paying Foreign Suppliers

For services performed outside of the United States, the supplier must provide an invoice, a completed and signed Certificate of Foreign Status for Federal Withholding (UC W-8BEN) Form (sections A, H and I only), and the Foreign Bank Authorization Form (PDF).

A wire transfer payment can be made to a foreign vendor by electronically transferring payment from UCB’s bank account directly to the vendor’s bank account. For detailed instructions, see Wire Transfers (

Generally, international wire transfers are accepted world-wide, though a wire transfer cannot be processed to a sanctioned country. (

NOTE: For Domestic wire transfers, an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) through the U.S. NACHA network should be requested for vendors with U.S. bank accounts.
For foreign vendors:

  • Request the Payee/Vendor provide a completed Foreign Bank Authorization Form (PDF).
  • The form must be signed by the payee as a way to confirm that the banking instructions are accurate. The payee’s bank information will stay in effect until the payee notifies the University by submitting a new Foreign Bank Authorization Form.
  • Submit completed form to Include “Wire” in the subject line of the email. You will receive a ticket number via email from Service Now starting with #INC0123456
  • Retain the ticket number for use in the Payment Request Form.
  • Create a Payment Request Form in BearBuy.