Supplier Instructions

Effective November 4, 2019, the ownership of the Vendoring Process has been transitioned from Supply Chain Management to the Controller’s Office. Please visit the Controller’s Office Vendoring website for Vendoring Information:

Here is a summary of key steps in the UC Berkeley purchasing process for individuals and businesses providing goods and services to Berkeley Law customers.

How to Create or Update a Supplier Profile in the University’s Financial System


Per UC purchasing policy, a payment guarantee must be established with the University before the desired goods and/or services are provided to a Berkeley Law customer:

Please note – vendors and Berkeley Law customers should not expect swift payment of any invoice for which no advance payment guarantee was established. University policy considers these after-the-fact invoices as “unauthorized purchases” and payment may be significantly delayed while a supplier profile is established in the campus financial system, internal approvals are obtained, and required paperwork is prepared and processed.  Additionally, our Senior Buyer typically will not expedite any after-the-fact, high-value purchases. These transactions may require up to 30 days before a purchase order is dispatched and an invoice can be paid against it.


An invoice represents a vendor’s official “demand for payment” against an established payment guarantee. An invoice in any format should include the supplier’s name and address, the date, an invoice number or other type of unique identifier for the payment request, the name of the Berkeley Law customer, an itemized description of the goods and/or services provided, and the amount to be paid. The name and address on the invoice must match the information in the supplier’s profile. A courtesy copy of the invoice sent to the Berkeley Law customer is recommended for both electronic and hardcopy submission processes.  

  • University purchase order – the supplier’s invoice must include the University purchase order number that was established as the payment guarantee for the purchase. 
    • Electronic submission via Email – Email and attachments interface automatically to our imaging system. Please follow these instructions exactly:
      • Create an email to sends e-mail)
      • Attach invoice using PDF or similar file type. If the invoice is multi-pages, include all pages in one attachment.
      • Only one invoice can be accepted per email. If more than one invoice is attached to an email it or if more than one invoice is included in a single PDF, the invoice(s) cannot be processed.
      • Obscure or remove any sensitive or confidential information, including Social Security Numbers or Bank account numbers.
      • In the subject line of the email:
        • Type the Purchase Order Number followed by the number (#) sign and then type the Invoice Number followed by underscore. Do not enter spaces.
        • For example, PO# BB00027195 and Invoice # J156987 should be inserted into the subject line as: BB00027195#J156987

    Please contact if you have any questions.