Supplier Instructions

Whether you are already a vendor partner or are exploring working with us for the first time, you must register within the University’s vendoring portal. The University of California encourages campuses to optimize opportunities for small and diverse businesses. We recommend you refer to Controller’s Office Vendoring website for accurate and updated information: 


VERY IMPORTANT:   Please start the vendoring process 30 days prior to your goods/or service to avoid after the fact invoices, “unauthorized purchases”.    UCB has no obligation to pay for these “unauthorized purchases”.  These “unauthorized purchases”, if approved by the Assistant Dean of Finance, will be significantly delayed in payment due to setting up a supplier’s profile in the campus financial system, the internal approvals that need to be obtained, and required paperwork that needs to be prepared and processed.  

How To Get Access To Vendoring:

  1. Get access to BFS. If you do not have access to BFS, email Business Services (  to request BFS access.  This should be done prior to requesting access to the Supplier Registration Tile Link.
  2.  Get access to the Supplier Registration Tile link on your BFS.  You will need to take a training class provided by the controller’s office.  Here is the link to Vendor Access training class, .  Your Supplier Registration Tile link will be available 48hrs after completion of the training. 



Per UC purchasing policy, a payment guarantee must be established with the University before the desired goods and/or services are provided to a Berkeley Law customer:

Please note – vendors and Berkeley Law customers should not expect swift payment of any invoice for which no advance payment guarantee was established. University policy considers these after-the-fact invoices as “unauthorized purchases” and payment may be significantly delayed while a supplier profile is established in the campus financial system, internal approvals are obtained, and required paperwork is prepared and processed.  Additionally, our Senior Buyer typically will not expedite any after-the-fact, high-value purchases. These transactions may require up to 30 days before a purchase order is dispatched and an invoice can be paid against it.

Important Links:

Note:  New Suppliers need their supplier number to update their bank information.  It is very important you provide the vendor their UCB Supplier Number.  You can find their number in BearBuy Supplier Search, or the BFS Vendor Registration Search Function

Supplier’s Payment Options:

  • Authorized Electronic Funds Transfer: electronic funds transfer instructions [link]  is the most common way that vendors receive their funds.  
    • New vendors will be prompted in the registration system to opt into EFT payment.
    • Existing Vendors go the Updating Existing Suppliers from the controller’s website
    • Vendors submitting more than 25 invoices per year can sign up for this electronic payment system Transcepta.  The invoices are directly emailed by the vendor through Transcepta.  For information about enrolling in the Transcepta program, please visit UC Berkeley – Connect Now(link is external) and click Contact Transcepta
    • For additional method of payment for Vendors, please see the controller’s account payable’s webpage (link)