Students Seeking Reimbursement

If you are a student seeking reimbursement from Faculty, please email Faculty Support Manager, Alex Burr,  with the name of your Faculty advisor and he will connect you with a Faculty Support Person that can assist with processing your request.

If you are a student seeking reimbursement from a Center, or an Experiential unit like the  Pro-Bono Program, Practicums, Field Placement, or the Clinics, please contact the group directly with your inquiry and their program coordinator or office manager will assist with processing your reimbursement and/or secure additional information to  address your request.

Any and all questions can be routed to and we can connect you to the right team for assistance.

Students seeking reimbursement from their student group, organization, journal or SABL directly can visit the Student Group Reimbursements page for information on how to submit your expenses for purchases made on behalf of your group for a UC programmatic activity.