Undergraduate Fellow Bios

Hannah Goldsobel

Hannah is a Sophomore from Los Angeles, California. She is majoring in Environmental Science and hopes to pursue a career in law.  Additionally, she in pursuing a minor in Technical Theater and Design. Outside of the Institute, Hannah serves as the Director of First Year Experiences for her sorority and works on theater production throughout the year.  

Charles Halstead

Charles Halstead is a Senior at UC Berkeley from Los Angeles, CA majoring in Political Science with a focus in International Relations. He studied at Aish HaTorah Yeshiva in Jerusalem and has been studying Hebrew and Arabic both at UC Berkeley and This Is Not An Ulpan. He is a member of the Berkeley Jewish Student Co-Op and works at the Townsend Center for the Humanities.

Hannah Wenger

Hannah is a junior from Los Angeles, CA and is studying Political Science here at UC Berkeley. She loves being around friends and family and is especially thankful for the way Judaism has shaped her. One day, Hannah hopes to become a lawyer and make tangible change in people’s lives. When she am not studying, you can find her cooking, hiking, or learning about the stock market!

Abby Steinmetz

Abby is a sophomore from Orange County, California. She is majoring in Nutritional Science and Psychology pursuing a career in medicine. Outside of the fellowship she is an active member of Berkeley Hillel, serves as health worker for her sorority, and enjoys exploring the coffee shops around Berkeley. 

Tess Futterman

Tess is a sophomore from New York City, NY. She is majoring in American Studies with a concentration in the intersection of Government, Race, and Social Institutions. She is also pursuing minors in Public Policy and History. Outside of her classes is involved in Kids in Nutrition and the Berkeley Student Food Collective. Once she graduates, Tess hopes to pursue a career centered on improving either our nation’s public education system or housing policies. 

Talia Harris

Talia Harris is a junior from Los Angeles, CA, and has been a fellow at the Berkeley Institute since January 2020. Talia currently works for the Berkeley Law Center for Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law and is very interested in international relations. Once she graduates from Berkeley, she hopes to move to Washington DC and be involved in Middle Eastern politics with the State Department or a think tank. In her free time, Talia loves reading historical novels and practicing her skills in graphic design.

Randy Cantz 

Randy Cantz is a junior at UC Berkeley pursuing a degree in History and a minor in Public Policy. He is focused on gaining critical insights into the measures necessary to institute salient and long-lasting policies at state and national levels. An active member of his school’s community, Randy is Vice President of Phi Alpha Theta, UC Berkeley’s history honor society, a Senior Associate for the Chief Legal Officer in the ASUC’s Office of Legal Affairs, and Advocacy Director of Berkeley Hillel’s Challah for Hunger chapter. Randy’s goal is to ultimately pursue a career centered on social advocacy, focusing specifically on the way in which technology shapes law, democracy, and social memory.

Noam Haykeen

Noam Haykeen is a Junior studying Political Science. He is passionate about Israeli politics, especially matters concerning elections. Noam is also an Undergraduate Fellow of the Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies. He has experience conducting research and engaging in communications for diverse platforms including U.S. Congressman Brad Sherman, California State Senator Robert Hertzberg, and Restaurant Opportunities Centers United. He has also published numerous op-eds dealing with policy developments and current affairs in many news outlets throughout the United States and Israel.

Maya Rosen

Maya Rosen is a junior from Long Beach, CA and has been a fellow at the Institute since Fall 2019. Maya is studying Political Science with minors in History and Jewish Studies and hopes to attend law school after graduation. Outside of the Institute, she is an undergraduate research assistant and volunteers at an Oakland elementary school.

Emily Gallo

My name is Emily Gallo and I am a third year student at UC Berkeley studying Political Science and Sociology with a minor in Education. Outside of my classes I am involved with my sorority Tri Delta, our student government the ASUC, Hillel, and of course the Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies. 

Ana Light 

I am hoping to study Psychology and maybe minor in Art or Anthropology. I grew up in Seattle and moved to Irvine at the beginning of high school. When I am not in class you can find me either playing Ultimate Frisbee, camping, swing dancing or drinking a lot of coffee! I speak German and Hebrew and spent a gap year volunteering in Berlin and living on Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu in Israel. A fun fact about me is: I have a pet goat!

Amir Grunhaus

My name is Amir Grunhaus. I was born and raised in Costa Rica. I am currently intending to double major in Political Science and Economics at the University of California Berkeley. 

Carmel Tenenbaum

Carmel is a freshman studying Media Studies and Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations. Right now she is working on the social media platform of the Berkeley Institute trying to increase student engagement. She hopes to either go into human rights law, journalism, or event management.

Benjamin Mizrachi

I am a sophomore at UC Berkeley pursuing a double major in Product Design and Political Economy (unrelated majors). I was born in Panama City, Panama but was raised in San Diego, CA. I have always been very passionate about Israel and Judaism and spent a gap year in Israel after high school learning more about Israel, Zionism, and Judaism. When not studying or planning activities for the Jewish community at Cal, I am running, cooking, and finding new spots to go hiking!

Nicole Farahan

Nicole was born in Indiana and moved to Los Angeles when she was entering middle school. She is a senior studying Business Administration at the Haas School of Business. She is also earning a minor in Jewish Studies. Her favorite hobbies include running and baking.

Celene Afari

Celene is a junior from Los Angeles, CA and is currently pursuing a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Global Management. She is also minoring in Global Poverty and Practice, as she hopes to further explore the intersection of Business and International Law.

Daniella Rosen

Daniella is a junior-transfer student from San Diego, California and she has been a fellow at the Berkeley Institute since September 2019. She is studying Political Economy and hopes to attend law school after graduating from Berkeley and specialize in educational law. In her free time, she enjoys writing for a local satirical paper, being with her friends and family, and playing soccer.

Samantha Behar

Samantha Behar is a junior at UC Berkeley studying History with a minor in Public Policy. Samantha has been involved with the Institute since Spring 2019. She is from Los Angeles and was studying abroad in Rome this past semester. At Berkeley, Samantha is also involved with her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, and Hillel.

Ella Pallenberg

Ella is a third year student from Los Angeles, California studying Political Science and History. Outside the Institute, she is involved in Hillel, her sorority, and the student government at UC Berkeley. She is also a research assistant in the Political Science Department and works for the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

Rebecca Steinberg

Rebecca Steinberg is an incoming Junior at Cal, studying English Literature and Human Rights. She is a member of Berkeley’s Mock Trial Team, where she competes as a lawyer and argues a variety of civil and criminal cases in front of district and federal judges across the nation. She is also on the Executive Student Board of Berkeley’s Hillel. Having gone to Catholic school for most of her life, she is especially interested in interfaith programming during her time as a BILJIS Fellow.  In the future, she hopes to practice as an in-house IP lawyer in the television and film industry

Amanda Cash

Amanda Cash is a sophomore studying Political Science and History. She is originally from Toronto, Canada and her Israeli heritage and Jewish family history has always held a prominent role in her life. She has worked as an intern at Gary A. Stern Family Law Firm and Howie, Sacks & Henry LLP. At UC Berkeley, she has been actively involved in developing a course titled ‘Science, Sense, and Sensibility’ and, through the Institute, has organized events on the Israeli elections. 

Fannie Osran

Fannie is a third-year pursuing a major in Legal Studies and minor in Human Rights. She is passionate about advocacy work and criminal justice reform. After graduating, she plans to go to law school and become a public defender. Outside of the Institute, she is involved in the ASUC Student Advocate’s Office, where she provides assistance to students who have been accused of violating the Code of Conduct and advocates for policy reforms on campus. She enjoys farmers’ markets, hiking, and exploring the beauty of Berkeley!

Shoshana Abikzer

Shoshana Abikzer is a junior from Los Angeles, CA pursuing a degree in Anthropology with a minor in Global Studies. Her concentrations of women’s right advocacy and foreign diplomacy in the MENA stem from her Moroccan Sephardic heritage. As an active member of Delta Phi Epsilon and apprentice at the Human Rights Investigations Lab, she hopes to gain entrance to research measures that will change the lives of women and minorities at home and abroad. She plans to enter graduate school post-graduation but for the time being, you can find her making pottery, playing badminton with her brother, or planning her next global adventure.