2020-21 Miller Fellows

Clara Dorfman 
Faculty Sponsor:
Professor David Oppenheimer
Project: Hijab in Europe


Ivey Dyson
Faculty Sponsor:  Professor Eric Stover
Project: International Aid Organizations and Information Sharing of Human Rights Violations for Legal Accountability: Obligations and Obstacles

Mary Fata
Faculty Sponsor: Professor Richard Buxbaum

Project: Israel-Germany Compensation Project

David Maxson Harris 
Faculty Sponsor:  Professor Laurel E. Fletcher
Project: Reconsidering International Human Rights Praxis


Katarina Jensen
Faculty Sponsor:  Professor Rebecca Goldstein
Project:  Crime and Far-Right Voting in Denmark

Elena Kempf

Faculty Sponsor: Professor Katerina Linos

Project: International Law and International Organizations

Lawrence J. Liu 
Faculty Sponsor:  Professor David Grewal
Project: Economic Globalization and International Law


Luke Miller 
Faculty Sponsor: Professor Marci Hoffman
Project 1: International Legal Research in a Nutshell
Project 2: Foreign Law Guide


Chelsea Muir 
Faculty Sponsor: Roxanna Altholz
Project: U.S. Criminal Proceedings, Corruption, and Human Rights in Guatemala and Mexico


Brian Nguyen

Faculty Sponsor: Professor Alexa Koenig
Project: Human Rights Center Investigations Lab 


Vanessa Rivas-Bernardy

Faculty Sponsor: Professor Katerina Linos

Project: Human Rights Challenges and the Coronavirus

Rachel Terrell-Perica 

Faculty Sponsor:
Roxanna Altholz
Project: Casebook on Human Rights Lawyering


Elaria Youssef
Faculty Sponsor: Professor Katerina Linos

Project: Sharing Responsibility for Refugees

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