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Pro bono is a tradition that dates back to medieval times. Still today, French Bar Associations strongly encourage pro bono work, as it is a way to contribute to rendering justice accessible to all, and to redefine the power relationship between the various actors of our society. In that sense, pro bono is paramount in a democracy. Jean-Claude Beaujour is convinced this is an excellent way for lawyers to show their commitment to the principle of the rule of law. How is pro bono organized in France and what are the challenges in the face of social, economic and technological changes?
Jean-Claude Beaujour is a leading member of the Paris Bar. He practices international business law and is also a pro bono civil rights lawyer, dividing his time between France and the United States. Jean-Claude further sits at the strategic board of a French company, experience which enables him to help startups with their legal affairs as part of his pro bono activity.