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The Berkeley Judicial Institute (BJI)’s mission is to build bridges between judges and academics and to promote an ethical, resilient and independent judiciary. Read more about its mission.

Judges in the Community

Watch as BJI goes one-on-one with judges across the nation committed to making positive change in their community, and listen as they share the programs and initiatives close to their heart, striving to forge a new, interconnected future for the judicial world.

Read Across Santa Clara County

Captured live this March, Judge Julia Alloggiamento and her colleagues at the Santa Clara County Courthouse of the Northern District of California travel to Windmill Springs Elementary for their annual tradition of sharing stories, Q&A sessions, and group hugs with the youth in their community.

BJI News

“Skeptical Bench”

January 9, 2024

BJI Executive Director Judge Jeremy Fogel (ret) spoke to CBC about some of the legal and political implications of the immunity arguments under consideration in former President Trump’s appellate case.

Watch now — “Skeptical Bench”